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Initial Servicing complete

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Total cost $215. Ouch!

This was about $40 cheaper then the next Yamaha shop I called. Pretty sure that I'll be doing all the maintenance from here out. BTW, valve were within tolerance, and the rest of the machine checked out fine!

I talked to the service manager a bit, and he likes the Grizzly above all other ATVs. I asked him about the Polaris machines, that they have quite a few of. He says that the Grizzly is a better quality machine. He's seeing a lot of the Polaris' in for serious warrantee work, suspension, drive train are the ones I remember him mentioning. Just FYI to the choir!
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I very nearly paid for the initial service, but when I called the local idiot dealer, there was a THREE WEEK lead time. That's when I said screw it and did it myself.

Adjusting the valves is easy once you've done it a couple of times. The worst part is having to disassemble half the machine just to get to them.

As for Yamaha vs Polaris, for what it's worth, none of the Sportsmans in the group I ride with (on the ATVExplorers forum) have ever had to have any warranty work done. Heck, neither has my Grizzly for that matter...

I do prefer my Grizzly over any other quad I've ridden or owned, but I'm not gonna bash another machine.

Not only was this shop the least expensive their turn around was the same day. Machine in at 9am, I picked it up at 2:30!

BTW I was the one that brought up the Polaris topic, because I really like the looks of the machine. And the 700 twin looks like it beats all. The flush racks with the storage within really looks useful. Even though the Service Manager thinks less of the machine, my next ATV just might be a Polaris. The Camo sportsmans look great!
Just got off the phone with a couple of my local delears and one had a price of $190 for just a Valve adj. The other was $120. Does the $120 price sound reasonable. Just sounds high to me, had a Honda Rancher that cost me $48 to have the valves checked.
Does this sound about right. Still have a while before the first valve adj but I was just checking around to see what I was gettin my self into.
You can do your own service and valve adjustment yourself. I do my valves every oil change, which is every 30 hours. And every time, it needs 'em.

I just finished checking my valves (break-in period over) and after tearing everything down I was actually hoping they would need adjustment to justify the time. they were fine, nothing needed. I installed a dalton clutch kit at the same time, and wraped my heddar and pipe, so it wasn't a total loss. This is my first atv, but I think it could be designed better with maintinence in mind. unless the intention was to discourage owners from doing it themselves.
Otherwise love my Griz!
It appears then that Yamaha has finally fixed the intake valve problems that plagued the '02 and probably '03 models. My valve adjustment this time is the first time in the nearly two years I've owned this thing that the intake valves weren't tight. Instead, they were a tad loose, and the exhausts were tight. Interesting.

I agree about ease of getting to stuff for maintenance. It sucks to have to disassemble half the machine just to do the valves.

Hope so, that would be cool. If I do have to tear the front end off more often I'd like to replace those plastic screw-spreader peices with something more durable. And attach the wiring and vent tubes on the left side to the frame instead of the plastic tray under the tank. It'll get quicker the more I do it I guess.
Well just finished my first service on me and my wife's. Hers was first in the line up, it was the way they set in the garage.

Took tank and all the goods off to find out the valves needed no adjustment. Did change oil with Maxium 10w40 and changed the front and rear diffs with Golden Spectro Hypoid 80w90. Also sliped in a new plug while it was all apart.

On to mine. Took about 2hrs total to do all the same and find out the valves were not in need of adjustment. They also both got a K&N oil filter to top it all of with.

Just wanted to thank everyone and my wife (my helper) who gave advise and sugestions on the service of the machine. Probly would not have done it with out the talk on this forum.

Thanks to all and Rob for the forum.

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