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Is there a good Front bumper upgrade?

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Looking for a Great looking Bumper upgrade for my grizz. Something with headlight guards.

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No, The grizz is the 2003 limited addition. I removeed the decals.
I do like the way your grizzly looks. Nice and clean!
Thanks, I am in the process of Undercoating the outside tops of the Fenders to resemble Fendrflare extentions. The reason I don't add actuall extentionsn is because here in texas we very tight tress and underbrush which actual extentions make the ATV way to wide. so the undercoation actually protects the plastic and makes for a very clean new look all the time.

thank for your compliments.

Don't sound like to bad of a idea. Might have to think of something like that for mine. Allready have scratches on the outsides of my fenders from branches and rocks. Not real bad ones but enough.
If you tape off an area which resembles the width of a fender extention and then use very high quality under coat or Bed liner spray on material, you will have created a very kool and scratch resistant covering. I also did the lower or bottom lip of the head light bezels.

I will have a picture of the Paint job on Thursday.
warn makes a bumper that bolts right on to your factory bumper and it has a spot for trail lights in it also
Warn bumper is pretty good, I suggest you look at countrygriz's modifications he made to his warn bumper (diamond mesh expanded metal over the lamps hole).

I have modified mine the same way he did too
I wish someone made an actual replacement bumper instead of something that goes over the POS stock bumper.
I love this custom one and always have. BUt only one was made. The whole thing was bent up from steel tubing. IMO this is the best looking bumper I have seen outside of the stock one...to bad the stock just isn't strong.
Ok guys I know some where on here there is a thread started that I talked about building some but never really came up with the time so I do know there is a guy named "Sliverback grizz" or something like that that started a business and has a few direct replacment bumpers available to purcahse, his web site is www.silverbackatv.com/4436.html

Im not to excited on how they look IMO, but to each his own. Although the rear bumper is not that bad. Just remember guys like stated before in another thread with the bumper being stronger your frame has that much more of the force it is taking (ie..if you hit something in a crash or such). Right now you bumper will bend and wrinkle up but with a heavier one all that force is going to the frame now. Just something to keep in mind, but for winching and other things it sure would be nice. Good luck guys wish I could have found the time to do it my self but so far have not.

I know I have been on the HighLifter forums when SliverBack was just trying to start this and him and his fabricator he is using to do all the welding went through alot of trial fitting to get the fit just right for a true bolt on.

Maybe some day I will get around to making one myself :)

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Yamaha make a real good bumper with head light guards, solid too. no complaints
I like that bumper Steve but I don't like the way it just goes over the original bumper instead of replacing it.
I just ordered a bumper cover or "grab bar" cover so they call it. It's the solid black one with 2 holes in the center for lights. I think I'll put a roler fairlead on it and run my winch cable through it.
Something else to take pictures of when I get home.
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