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Just sharing

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Hey guys,
I thought I would share a few pictures while I was back on the forum. Hopefully it will be for more than just a few minutes this time.
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Mrs. Starky was kind enough to send me a pic of blood on the Griz to show me that it has been properly broke in.
Here's a pic of an albino whitetail that was going around a while back. If you saw it before, it's worth seeing again.
Here is Mrs. Starky showing me how hard she is working while I'm gone. Doesn't look like work to me.
Here is a picture of a land mine. Talk about wake up call, there are millions of these things over here.
This is me pointing at a partially uncovered land mine at Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan. The hole behind my elbow is where the mine went off when the guy was trying to dig it out. It didn't kill him but sure did a number on his face.
Great pics Starky,

Mrs. Starky seems to have it all sorted hey. :)

Stay Safe..........

Cheers Noel
Thanks bud. Ya, she's really knocking herself out. I'm sure this was followed by a cold drink in the hot tub.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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