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Kolpin rear cargo box

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I was wondering if any of you guys have the Kolpin front/rear hardsided cargo box. My Moose rear bag lost it's "Zipper" capability and I just ordered a Kolpin box from Northern Tool. This box is comparable in size to my Moose cargo bag and with the locking mechanism I think it should work out great. The Moose bag finally crapped out after 3 years of use and abuse so im done with **** zippers. Any info would be well appreciated on the Kolpin, thanks.
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Kind of funny you mention that about the Kolpin boxs. I just got off thier site and was looking at the front box. I might be looking for a front box to replace my front soft bag. Let us now on how you like it when you get it please.

I looked at so many different brands and makes of boxez and the Kolpin seemed like a good deal. I didn't want a monster size box because I would(like many times) end up carrying everyone elses crap. With a small size cargo box/bag I can just fit in what "I" need and there isn't anymore room for "anyone elses" stuff.LOL I don't mind helping out my riding buddys but I no longer am the "pack mule" for carrying all their stuff. I will let you know how it works out as soon as possible.
In the past with my sport quads, I never really missed not having racks and not carrying antyhing while I ride. So I'm just wondering what you guys carry? The underseat storage looked like plenty of space for a drink and snack to me. Obviously if you're carrying tools thats another thing. I guessing I'm looking ahead to start planning for my next quad expense :)


I carry quite an assortment of things in my gearbags. 25' tow strap, 6' tree saver strap, 15' sling strap, snatch block, D-ring clevis, small 12 volt air compressor, tire plug kit, couple bungee cords, first aid kit, small LED flashlight, toilet paper, leatherman tool. Then I need room for food & beverages, radio/CD player, and extra gloves and hat. Sounds like a lot of stuff(and it is) but I found that it's better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it.

The underseat storage compartment on my Grizzly has the winch contactor mounted in there and there is still room for a small jacket or sweatshirt but I do not like putting anything in there because of the contactor.
I'll add to the list, dust masks when the trail gets dusty, a small hand saw to clear small blowdowns, or get camp fire wood, long ride planned xtra 2 gallons of gas/ shirt,socks/underwear,pants in waterproof bag just in case, hatchet for firewood/tent stakes, overnight camping, tent, sleeping bag, self inflating mattresss, or air mattress, small propane torch to light fire, better than matches when wet, drinking water, beverages, food, snacks, flashlight, and a lot of what the other people have listed, depends where your going and how long you are planning to be gone. Oh! yes and a cell phone, compass, maps of the area, and the GPS is always on the machine running.
Man thats alot of stuff Dannyk!

Well blue_grizz-04 the story for me is I to used to have the soft zipper bags(still do) but the larger one dust got to the zipper and it no longer works. After looking at a bunch of hard boxes. We finally decided on one of the boxes from Moose. My wife has that on the rear of her grizzly.

In the box we carry water, food(just snacks mostly), rain gear, wet wipes, tool kit, first aid kit, cold weather gear if needed, cell phone, and tow strap and gear.

Now im looking for a smaller box for either the back of mine or the front to carry the camera gear (ie..digital,SLR 35mm, video camera). The other one I have been looking at is the Tamerack (sp?). Man all the decisions to make all over again.lol
Thats what I'm interested in carrying safely...camera gear both a small digital camera and small MiniDV recorder.


I know what you mean. Something big enough to carry them nicely but not to big you have to be stuffing stuff in the box to take up room so they don't get beat up. This is were my problem is, not sure if I want to stay with a soft bag or go to a hard box. I like the protection and durability a hard box offrers. Guess I will still do some looking and will let you know if I come across the "one"...lol
A look at the Grizz with the Moose Sportsman box on back.
I put my digital camera in my front rack bag now. I destroyed a 35mm in my rear bag by it bouncing all around. My front bag is 18" long, 12" wide, 4" high and it is perfect for the front of the machine. It is actualy called a mini-rack cooler bag and it's padded. What I like about it is that it don't take up all my front rack space and I can still carry my 6 pack cooler on one side and whatever I can on the other side. What I don't like is that it is zippered and I know it won't hold up that long. If I could find a hardsided box the same size as the front bag I would buy it in a heartbeat.

Xtreme, check out my pics and take a look at my front rack bag. If you ever find a hardsided box the same size let me know. I even went to Sears and looked at their boxes but I haven't found one yet the same size.
Blue griz you should look at the aluminum camera bags or the hard plastic ones that the old video camera's came in. I have one that is 6 in high by 18 inches wide by 15 inches deep a few bungie straps to hold it in place or drill thru the bottom to mount it somehow to your rack and you'll have one. Cut out some foam for the inside to fit the camera etc and your done. Just a thought. Danny

What did you use to lube your zippers with, I spray mine with silicone spray to keep them running smooth.

I also use silicone spray on the zippers. What I believed happened was the bag was overstuffed once and the zipper popped open and now it does it all the time. I found something similar to what you were discribing on Northern Tool. This box is pretty neat and it even comes with foam padding. I will keep searching but this box looks like the ticket so far.

Have to agree with you on that is possible a good find you have there blue_grizz.
Yes I have a Kimpex rear box, you can see it in this thread, Kimpex Front bumper,
I posted a pic there.
Love the box, very tuff, great looking, comfortable. I have to say so far, between the front bumper and the rear box, Kimpex has my vote.
Check out mine its made by Kimpex. Very durable,functional, and one of the nicest lookin. Check it out.
That is a nice looking box Grizzlit, it's just bigger then I wanted. I did buy the Kolpin front/rear mounted box and it should be here on Monday.
Blue, I know the zippers toast on your moose bag, but what are your plans for it?

The zipper does still work when it wants to! right now it's working fine again and I may just hang on to it as a backup or I suppose I could sell it. Haven't really thought that much about it. LOL
Keep me posted.

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