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Magic box?

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Hello fellow GRIZZLY owners, I recently got a new '05 blue GRIZZLY, and joined the site, I've been looking over the other topics to see if anyone has tried the new Procom "Magic Box", I'm ready to start modifing, and this sounds interesting. Let me know what you guys think.
I'm also trying to decide on a new pipe, the Big gun, and the Dr.Ds seem to be my top picks so far. Does ony body have any input?
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My only input is that when I started messing around with the jetting and pipes ect on my honda rincon I had nothing but trouble from there on out! This is mostly due to the fact that I am not a wonderful mechanic and partly due to fact that carborators are very picky and require a very precise air/fuel mixture to run good.

If you are good with carbs. the I would say try it out and the best pipe I have seen in person is the MBRP powertech4. Personally, I will stick to things like brush gaurds, winches, tires, wheels, ect...
For max. power gain, I went with the HMF entire system, k&n filter, and a 165 main jet. Needle in middle position, pilot screw out about 3 turns. RUNS PERFECT. I am at o sea level though. You can get quite core insert for more tolerable noise levels but sacrifice some power. Water temp guage is nice also if you run in mud, you will know when radiator is plugged up.
Thanks. I've already replaced the air filter with k&N. Do you know if the HMF utility with a quiet core installed is the same as the HMF eco-system quiet series?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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