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What kind of mileage do you have on your Grizzlies and if any what problems have you have with them.
appreciate your time
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2004 Griz About 2000 miles, no problems as of yet
I have 1000. The ony problem is I don't have 2000.
I will not even mention how many miles I have on mine. Lets just say its not enough. Not enough places to ride close by me!
**** DannyK! Do you ride that machine to work????????? HA ha ha ha!!! thats some awesome mileage for an '04 and it onlly tells me one thing, I AM NOT RIDING ENOUGH!
Well its like this I put 2000 miles on my XR650L also this summer in the woods so The griz sat some, could have doubled the mileage. Also put miles on the Gold Wing, summers are just to short.
2003 Griz, 3000 miles. Cylinder is out of round and it burns oil; needs to be bored to fix it.

Sometimes overheated last summer. I'm going to be more religious about keeping the radiator clean this year and see if that helps--otherwise it gets a HighLifter Radiator kit.

Shocks/springs are too soft. I'm a big guy and carry a lot of gear so I load it down pretty good. Added an extreme-products lift kit which helps. Really needs new shocks and springs. Too much money--I'll live with it!

Except for the cylinder wear I consider this stuff to be minor. The cylinder should NOT wear that much in 3000 miles!
2004 Griz (bought it in May 04) and I have 2600km (+/-1600 miles)on it. Never had a days problem, just normal servicing and brake pads!!
What a piece of machinery!!
I have only had my 04 Grizz for 3/4 weeks so I can not take credit for the hours it had 87 hours when I picked it up.

2450klms in 101.5 hours, I reckon these things are awesome.

Cheers Noel
04 932 miles

front right wheel bearing, cause 1 1/2 wheel spacers or 28" outlaws
leaky front diff seal, cause mud in the seal
speedo does not show speed, logs miles and hours though, cause not sure
overheated, cause mud in the radiator

All these things are the result of the type of riding that I do.
Great quad, would purchase another one
05' with 1400 miles, the only problem I had was where the drive shaft enetrs the fron diffential, the seal went bad and leaked differential fluid. Covered by warranty though.
'02 with 4000 miles. Seems to be losing oil but only possible leak I've found may be clutch-related, so will explore that later (it's not bad). Otherwise it may be a problem similar to the one SailorGriz is experiencing. Regardless, it still runs great! 15 mpg average with a low of 10 and a high of 25 depending on the riding conditions, all of which are at or above 4000'.

I've had some fuel boiling issues off and on too but have done a lot of work towards eliminating it. Maybe this year I'll finally figure it out.

I still love the machine though!

04 griz now has 3300 miles on it, all stock and no problems so far, knock on wood.
Mines an '03' I have 2848 on mine.
I have an 03 with about 4,900 miles on it........broke 3 CV joints (Yamaha gave me 2 free 1/2 shafts for the 1st 2 after warranty even)
Other than one rear axle seal that cost me around $10 thats it.
Things I need to do......replace wheel bearings and front brakes.
2005 with 980 miles, just bought it this past April. No problems whatsoever. Will be taking it to the dealership for a checkup/tuneup before storing it for the winter. Thought I'd be able to do more riding around my camp in Maine, but I've pretty much ridden everywhere I can get to so far. Thinking about buying a trailer so I can go elsewhere. Other than that, love the thing, it is a BEAST!!!!
1800 miles on my '02. Proly too rough of miles, too. Have a posting currently about potential valve adjustment problems. Other than that not a minutes problems. I too need front brakes. Have had to adjust rear brakes already. By the way I get about 38mpg if I remember right. Heck of a bike, you'll love it.
I've been getting around 20 mpg
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Have 4200 miles on it now, no problems so far.
2004 Griz (bought it in May 04) and I now have 5800km (+/-3200 miles)on it. I have had 2 full sets in inner/rear/CV joints seperate from the axle, twice, now fixed I hope and I have had my radiator fan pack up on me.
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