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More snow...

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I shoveled twice...all the while wishing I had a grizz to plow. How did it do blue?

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me too. i only had to shovel 4", finally. up north, i think they might of got 6-8".

i'm planning on going riding this weekend....althought, snowmachining is also ramping up with these little snow storms...

also, ya blue, how did it plow.????
I talked to him on the phone, and I'm sure he'll chime in, but he said it did great and his driveway was down to the tar. I called those two dealerships you posted me the links too, one only had a limited edition left and the other just called me back. :( $8869 out the door for an 05 grizz with plow, winch, and hand warmers. But its still $900 more than the dealer near me which isn't much of a deal either but it's the best price I've gotten for everything.

Plowing with the Grizzly is the best! The Moose plow set-up does a great job and cleans the driveway down to bare tar. I almost wish we would get more snow so I could play more with it. We still haven't had a real "dumpin" in a while and I wouldn't mind in the least, I want to give all these add-on toys a "Real Test". So far this 6 inch total crap is for the birds, bring on the snow!
Here Here!
Here is a snowy place for you. Ride on my Grizzly through the snow. ftp://video:[email protected]/4wheelnchristmas.zip. Let me know what you think. Be nice. Chuck
I live about a hour away from the WI border and they are calling for it to be in the 50's here tomorrow, wish we had a little snow even!


Wish I could see the vid but the est. time to download for me is 10 hrs (hate dial up).
Sorry about that! It's nothing special. I plowed some snow the other day made some extra dough. Glad I have a plow on the Grizz. I have a Yamaha snow plow with the warn 2.5 winch. Works well on the driveway and the road to my house. Chuck
gonna take me 35 minutes!! wow...sorry cant do that either
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