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Mud Lites

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Well, I finally recieved the Mud Lites I've been waiting for! (pics soon to come) Charictaristics are similar to that of the 589, but a little softer and alot lighter. Steering effort was, at least, cut in half from stock. They also share a trait with the 589 that is less praised.... in a mud hole, you'll go through or you'll go to china! You have to know when to say when, unless you have a killer winch! Awsome tire! I rode a mix of creeks, mudholes, rocks, hardpack trails, and, large logs. Very impressed so far.
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Glad to here you like them, can't wait to see those pics!
I ordered 27in Mud Lites. What size are you running?
26x10x12 front / 26x12x12 rear. I was thinking of running 27s, but, found a great deal on the 26s (200 brand new, not blems) and so decided to go with it. The fast wearing charicteristics of the 'lite are very true. Having said that, my next set of tires WILL be another set of 'lites, I just love them that much. They are by far the lightest mud tire I have ever seen (power loss was minimal, although in the mud it will seem like your power is gone, it simply won't spin 'em like it would with the stockers), the center lug pattern gives a pretty smooth ride, (not as smooth as stock like some people told me, but close) and I am still able to outdo my ridin' buddies with their one-ton titan 589's! You will love them.

I couldn't have said it any better than you did for the mudlites. I too was going to go with the 27" lites but I went on ebay and found a great deal on the 26" w/ C series T-5 wheels including the center caps and chrome lugs($510.00 free shipping) I had 589's on my 2001 kodiak and they rode like 4 blocks of wood under my machine. The lites are a softer rubber coumpound but they ride so awesome and I would buy them again in a heartbeat.The guy who bought my 589's keeps asking me if they are made from cast iron! The 589's are indeed a great tire as far as wear charicteristics go, but they just dont ride as well as the mudlites do. I guess we must sacrifice a little to get alot as someone once told me. I also expirienced the same minimal power loss and I just purchsed a Dalton clutch kit on ebay for $89.00 and I cannot wait to get it installed to see if the grizz gets back the lost power on the low end.
blue_g_04, With the 26 inch tires I found myself staying in low range on most of my trail rides, unless I was blasting down a nice big trail. I would also suggest you check your toe-in-adjustment after installing the larger tires. My quad seemed to bump steer allot more but after adjusting the front end that went away.

Once you install the Dalton clutch kit you will get all of your original low end back plus some in both high and low range. You will be very happy with it.
My next mod will most likely be a clutch kit! I hear good things about the dalton kit you guys mention. One time, I rolled a few feet up a hill and rolled back down (still in hi range) and gave it some gas while still rolling backwards. I felt (and heard!) the belt slip, so I know the traction is simply too much for the stock belt. I too had 26" 589s (on my '03 rincon) and loved them.... I didn't realize that there would be such a night-&-day difference between two mud tires. Now I can say I will never own another set of titan 589's, the itp 589 m/s, I don't know anything about. If you get a chance, compare the two tires head to head ('lites & titan 589's). In the mud they are equal, (I would say) however, in every other aspect (besides longevity) the 589's are simply out-classed! Watch them on the rocks. I run 2.5 psi on all corners and frequently play at a local retired rock-quarry, (lots of fun, huge, jagged rocks) my buddy also runs 2.5 psi in the 589's. The 'lites conform to every rock so well, and there have been many times that I thought a bead would break, but they never have! The 589's however, no fear breaking bead, ****, they appear to have 35 psi in them! Hardly any rock conforming at all. I guess that's why I kill him in the rocks, (or is that the extra clearence, low range, full skid plates, and front diff lock?) maybe a combination of all? Great tires, not one complaint!
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