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Never Driven 2005 Yamaha 660 (BLUE) For Sale

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Brand New "Never driven" yamaha grizzly 660 for sale asking $6500.00 obo. please email Martin @ [email protected] or call 1-208-305-7081, please leave message, Located in Lewiston Idaho
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Why on earth would you buy one and never drive it only to sell it??
Well Marine I would have to wonder the same thing..lol
Some woman on Ebay got thousands for a grilled cheese sandwich, with the face of the Virgin Mary on it, and she never ate it! LMAO So anythings possible.... Happy Thanksgiving!
Someone on eBay got allot of money for Brittney Spears used gum with her teeth marks still in the gum! So anythings possible... Happy Thanksgiving!
I won it. Have no ise for it myself. Thanks for the inquiry

You are truly a lucky guy to win a machine like that. I am sure you wont have much of a problem getting your price either. My neighbor will be pissed when I tell him about your machine, he just paid $7300.00 for an '05(no tax included) from a dealer in the next town over from here. I don't know what shipping costs are but it would be interesting to know.
Thats awesome to win a machine like that!! I have never won anything in my life LOL...

i must be a great negotiator because i just got an 06' blue for $6199.00. sold my 03' for $5300.00
ok,,, I gotta ask,,,,, why the name redgrizz when you got a blue one,,,,, ont the price, I got my 05(blue)for 6500.00,,, out the door, bought it in kansas and they hauled it to okla,(about 2 miles and put it in my truck so I wouldnt have to pay taxes),,,,but it would have been nice if I would have won it,,,, ,,,, ,,, ,,,, cg
Congrats, that is quite a win! I will give you $6500.00 Canadian for it! LOL I don't think you will have any trouble selling it? Good luck......Irv
Hey Irv did you check the date on his first post. It was over a year ago. Hopefully he sold it by now.
how can u guys buy new bike that cheap up here they re over 10 000.00

paid 12800.00 for a grizzly 660 se
Ouch 99_grizz, that is pricey! I paid $10,750.00 OTD for my 05 S.E. and then they gave me $300.00 Yammy bucks on top of that. Did you shop around or are Yamaha dealers pretty thin in Timmins? I am sure you will get your money's worth out of it up in Timmins, you are in ATV heaven. Hey, did you know Shania Twain? LOL. Congrats on your new Grizz and welcome to the site........Irv
Several dealerships are selling 2007 660 grizzlys for $6199.00. $6500 seems very high for a 2005.
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