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Hello everyone,,I started reading this forum when I started looking for a atv. Used to ride a honda 250R years ago. Finally bought a new grizz last Fri. Bought it mainly for farm Use,(fence repair and to pull behind a tractor to the field so i will have a ride home). I have built a pad on the back for my dog(a red heeler) to ride on and added a rack on the ft. Just wanted to let everyone know that this forum helped me decide what to buy and also what problems to keep an eye out for. going to try to add a pic. if it works,,, take care everyone..... "countrygrizz"
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Nice, bet the dog will have fun.


That rig looks very well set up mate, great work.

Cheers Noel
I'd love to see the dog mounted up. Thats just too cool! Nice color choice BTW!
this one is for you doolin64,,,, his name is scooter,,, got him in 98, and also a harley softail springer,, named him scooter so I could tell everyone I got 2 new scooters,,,, later,,,
Sweet. That is great. If my lab would sit still with me, I'd do that! Thanks for the pic.
Welcome to the forum countrygrizz. The setup looks awesome. Hope you and Scooter enjoy the ride as much as I enjoy mine.
Very nice job on the rear rack, I have to agree nice colour on the bike.
Welcome aboard countrygrizz, looks like you do nice work. Enjoy your quad, they are a great bike! Mine still impresses me everytime i go for a ride....Irv
Congrats on the new Grizz and welcome to the site.
One thing Country...the Grizz ain't no scooter!
Hey, thanks for all the postive replys,,, I really like this forum for all the information on it,,,, the two scooters I was talking about was the dog and a harley,,,, anyways, thanks again, remember, "ride it like you stole it"
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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