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I will try this again? I just put a new thread in and submitted but don't see it? Anyways, i put my first thread in the suspension section by mistake(first time in here) I am considering purchasing a new 05 Grizz real soon and was wondering how many guys/gals have switched from Polaris? Why? How come? etc? I do like the polaris's for there suspension and cost but i just think buying the Griz is the way to go so far? Could you guys/gals please give me an unbiased opinion why i should go with the Griz instead of the Polaris? I know the Polaris is cheaper and so will the insurance because of the CC difference and overall price? How is mtce on the Grizz compared to the Polar? I have heard that Polar parts are more expensive than Yamaha's? Is this true? Any info would be greatly appreciated.....Thanks in Advance.......Irv
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