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Oil & Coolant Changed, Valves Adjusted

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Since my Grizzly will be two years old in May, I've been doing its annual maintenance over the past couple of weekends.

Last weekend I cleaned and regreased the primary clutch, and this weekend I changed the oil (at 32 hours), adjusted the valves, and since the service manual says to change the coolant every two years, I did that too.

I replaced the coolant with GM DexCool -- the orange stuff that's supposed to be good for the life of the vehicle. While I doubt that, I will probably change my coolant change interval to 3-5 years instead of every two.

Changing it wasn't hard at all. I had to remove the left side floorboard to get to the coolant reservoir, and also the front rack and hood to get to the radiator cap. But since I was doing the valves at the same time, the rack and hood were already off.

All you do is remove the radiator cap and then remove the little 8mm coolant drain plug. Coolant comes spewing out (even cold), so watch out. I'm now splattered with it. :)

Anyway, with that done, I removed the drain hose to the reservoir and drained all of that out.

Next, I rolled the machine outside and got the garden hose and gave it a good flush. I flushed it until I saw no more green tinted water coming out, and until the water coming out stopped foaming. Then I let it sit for a few minutes to finish drip-draining, while I hunted down a container to measure out the required 1.8L of coolant and water that it wanted.

First I dumped in approximately 0.9L of distilled water, and then measured out the coolant and poured it in. It didn't take it all... I put the remaining 0.3L into the reservoir, which filled it exactly to the fill line.

Now, a question to anybody still reading. Do you check your oil level much between changes? If so, how often do you have to add oil? I didn't check mine at all this time... in fact, I rarely do. What I discovered was when I dumped the oil oil into an empty Castrol Act-Evo container (which has markings for each liter), I discovered that only one liter of oil came out. That means it's burned half of its oil in 32 hours.

I've also noticed for a long time that it takes more than the 1.9L the instructions say. I'm figuring it takes closer to 2.1 or 2.2L.

Later this afternoon if I'm still motivated, I'm going to dive back into the crankcase cover and pull the secondary clutch out, disassemble and clean it. It feels like it isn't backshifting as far as it should... it really seems to struggle, even in Low gear, whereas it didn't used to. I know I'm about due for a belt too, but I haven't ordered one yet. Maybe I can remember to do that on Monday.

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Sounds like some busy times for you Rob. Can not comment on how often I check the oil in the Grizzly because I still have not had the chance to ride it but the trails open up soon.

I do know that on my Raptor I usally check it every other ride and for some reason I have to add oil each time I check. Does not leak or burn it, not really sure where it goes.

Kind of off topic here but have you ever had any of those "boiling gas, vapor lock" problems that I read about?
I will start checking my oil much more frequently, that's for sure. I collected a sample of the oil which is going off to Blackstone Labs for an analysis ($18), so I'll know if things are going okay, or if I should be planning on a rebuild soon.

I went ahead and pulled the crankcase cover off a little while ago. I decided to ride it before taking the rest of the stuff apart. So I rode up and down the street with the cover off, so I could see the belt working. The difference in how it acts after the oil change and valve adjustment is very apparent. It seemed like it was stumbling before. I suspect it wasn't a belt/clutch problem at all now. Still, I'm going to order a new belt, and when I put it on, I will clean the secondary.

Boiling gas. Yep, I most definitely had it. I spent over nine months experimenting with fixes until I finally did enough to make it go away. This was before Yamaha was doing much of anything about the problem.

What I ended up doing was Jet Hot coating the header pipe, adding heat tiles under the gas tank, putting a spark plug wire heat shield (like for big V8's with headers) over the fuel line from the carb to the gas tank, and venting my side panels. I've since replaced those with the '04 side panels -- got 'em about 8-10 months ago, just as soon as they became available.

I want to put a coolant temp guage on it eventually, but haven't had time to figure out where to put it without cutting a hole in my plastic like I did on my Predator.

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Hey ROBG, I may not have any idea about what I am talking about but the mechanic that just replaced the head gasket in my 1998 GMC pickup advised against me putting back in the orange coolant. He told me that it is more corrosive than the green stuff and that is why my head gasket started leaking. It was leaking from the water jackets out and only a very thin part of the gasket left between jacket and intake, I was lucky to have noticed it when I did. I could have been into a rebuild if I waited any longer.
just my 2 cents worth
I made some inquiries about the DexCool problem and got the same information. Crap, guess that means I'll do another flush and put the green stuff back in this week. *sigh*

Thanks for the info! It's appreciated.

Okay, I changed the coolant back out today. It's back to the good ole Green Stuff. I'm glad I didn't put Redline Water Wetter in last time or it woulda gone to waste. But this time I did.

I have learned to check my oil after every tank of gas that I put through my machine. I end up putting in .25 quart after every tank of gas and that is with regular Hondaline oil 20w-50. I had started running synthetic after break-in and it was using it worse then that. I asked the dealer about the oil usage and he recommended that I switch back to regular because of some tolerance issues in the valves I believe. Just to be on the safe side I check it everytime that I ride now.
Hey Rob!
How many miles are on your grizzly? How often should I adjust the valves? How about cleaning the clutches? Should these maintenance operations be done at the same time? Are the clutches easy to get to and clean? I will be recieving my Mudlites any day now. With the bigger tire size (26"), should I just go w/ a heavy duty clutch kit? Thanx!
I have 3300 miles on my Grizzly.

I think they fixed the valve problems on the 04s, so I'd suggest checking them initially around 30 hours, and then again every 50 or so. If it starts running like crap when cold but runs fine when warmed up, check 'em because the intakes might have gotten tight.

Hi Rob,
Sounds like you are the Q/A/ man.So here is my Q.When my 02 Grizzly gets warmed up,if you nail it from a dead stop it will take off ok,but at about 43 mph you can fell it kinda falling on its nose,then it will pick back up.I have had the boiling gas prob also.Yamaha didnt want to know anything about it.I had it back to the shop so many times it was there more than home.First thay didnt belive me about the boiling gas.Thay changed the thermostat,And put heat rap around the pipe comming out of the engine,No help.Adjusted the valves.(thought thay did that at your first check ofter break in period)Nothing was helping,Thay let it sit and run,I told them it wasnt the same as rideing it.Could a machanic take it out on a ride?Sorry we cant do that.Finley the Heat kit came in so thay added it.After that it did it once more.I rode it for a very short while.I was off the bike about a 30.min.then started it rode about 100 yards,started up a small grade then it happened.Im sure it will do it again.
....Also lots of times when i turn I have had a clicking in the rear end it has been there just after i got the Grizzly,the shop has done nothing about it,Im thenking that something is going to break,or go out...Sorry to unload so much crapppppppp at oue time,but I have give up on the shop,,some good a extended warrenty has done,atleast tear the rear end down and look for the
noise.... Thanks Rick
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I check the oil everytime before I ride, been doing this since I got my griz, found that it will take a very small amount of oil to keep it at the full mark, but it does take some oil every 1 to 2 hundred miles, since new. I am not worried about this unless it gets excessive. Like Wilfred Brimley says on the blood sugar add, check it and check it often, thats the life blood of your engine, if you starve any componet of oil you may cook it and then it really gets expensive.
As far as valves go I have heard that they have a tendency to get tight, when I did mine this summer I set them at the maximum opening, a little noisier maybe but worth the piece of mind to me. Will check them again in the spring and see where they are, if they havent changed I'll close them up a little.

It sounds to me like your carb settings aren't quite right if it's falling over at 43 mph and then picking up again. That sounds like either a lean condition, or a rich condition. Does the drop-off and come back feel like a surge? Or does it feel like a sputter? Sputter is too rich.

As for the boiling, have you vented your side panels yet? I've concluded that even the 04 panels have to be vented.

Hi Rob,
It is a surge,and I have not vented the 04 panels..
Okay, a few questions for you...

What are your carb settings right now? What elevation do you ride at most of the time? What are your mods? (pipe, filter, etc?)

Any clutching changes yet? Stock wheels/tires or aftermarket (if so, what size, type, etc)?

Well as far as elevation I dont know.Im in se ohio.Every thing was stock untill last Christmas I put on a uni air filter(my son got me for christmas).But this all was going on before that.I dont know what the carb settings are,im sure the shop has played with them.Thay also changed the jet in the carb,first smaller,dident help,then bigger,now it back fires some times when I let off the throttle and most of the time when I shut it down it will make a POOF noise.So this is what My Brother inlaw and I did yesterday...1st. took off the back plate on the muffler,made a few mods to it,it now has a larger tip on it,just like the 2" power tip.We also drilled 3 3/8 holes in the inside of the muffler.We also put the spark arester back on.So we started it up let it get kinda warm shut it down and POOF....so call me a dumb a**....
Thanks,Rick.....Waiting on a snow storm that is sapose to hit today and tonight,the grizzly will like that... even though im a summer person....
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