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OnE mOrE dAy!!!!!

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I can't wait....in one more day I'll be taking home my new 05 Blue Grizzly, with plow, winch, and heated grips!

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Like a little kid waiting for your present at X-mas..lol I was the same way when I was getting mine!
I know the feeling oh so well. Countdown begins! May you have good luck with it and have a blast.
Oh yes!! I am just like a little kid. I hope I never grow up :) Less than 24 hours.

Only a few more hours to go. Can we post pictures on this site?

But we can't use a lot of capital letters??? Strange...Anyways off to the stealership I go!

Take it easy Koko....you are giving me goose bumps...I may need to go get mine out of the shed...Almost 60 degrees here in Manteno Illinois today...oh well I guess I had better continue to prepare for this New Years Eve Party.Ride Safe!!
congrats koko,

now i think we need pics of the your new toy......
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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