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I am moving to Southern Oregon (Medford) in about two weeks. Sad to leave Alaska and some of the best wheeling in the world, but that's life. So, does anybody here know of any trails in the Medford area. I am not interested in riding the sand dunes with the teenagers. I prefer technical trails back in the woods or climbing a mountain.
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hi tinmandan - i'm in salem and get over to china hat outside of bend and also down around paisley which is east of medford. there's a lot of technical rides over around bend - esp china hat. that's one of our favorite places to ride. late fall and late spring are best. haven't done a lot around medford though. sounds like you've been on the dunes, too. i really enjoy those down around winchester bay on weekdays and in the fall and winter when no one's around. welcome back to oregon!
Thanks for the input, Jerry. Thinks are looking up. After I get settled I will get more info from you.
We are going to try McGrew 4WD Trail this Saturday. "They" say it is only for Jeeps and such. Not recomended for ATV's. So that got my attention and we are going to give it a go. The trial is just out of Cave Junction. If any ones wants to go look up directions on the Oregon State Park site. Plan on meeting at 10 AM at the trail head. Dan
Hey since you'll be in Medford, that isn't all that far away from the Lake Tahoe area. If you ever feel like a few days down this way, lemme know. I can plan up a Rubicon Trail trip.

I have been wanting to run The Rubicon. Never done it. The trails I have found around here are very tame and I like a challange. After two years in Alaska and riding extreme trails, I miss that kind of riding. The GF come along most of the time and keeps up with the best. Let me see what is going on. We would have to do this in the next 3-4 weeks to beat the snow and have to go on a Friday or Saturday.

Is there anywhere to ride around Susanville or Eagle Lake? Those Eagle Lake trout are the biggest I have ever seen.

Pretty nice ride. We put on about 50 miles total. The trail we followed was an old mining road that the forest service keeps in good shape. We ended up in Calif at the Smith River. Lots of steelhead in the river. The trip took us through a big forest fire called the Biscut Fire from a couple of years back. Lots of burnt trees and amazing devistation. On the way back, right next to where we parked (of course) we found the McGrew Trail. Someone had torn the sign down. Ran up it a few miles. It is a rocky rutted mess.... I will return in a week or two and make this 20 mile trip.

I'm from Grants Pass, and know of quite a few of the trails in Southern Oregon. There are quite a few in your back yard so to speak. Here's a link for a motorcycle/atv club in the area. The own a bunch of land just outside of jacksonville with lots of awesome trails. Feel free to e-mail me some time [email protected]

Later, Dan
Whoops, forgot to post the Link.......


I've been up to John's Peak. Pretty gay. Also been up to Prospect. Prospect is a bit more chalanging, but you don't need 4WD. No mud, no water crossings, no real challange. It is a good place to take the wife for a ride.
If you know of any other trails, let me know.
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