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Picked up a set of Outlaw 2’s 29.5x9.5x14 front and 29.5x11x14 rear for so cheap I couldn’t live with myself if I passed it up. Got the 2” highlifter to match, as well as shimmed up to 2mm from 1.2mm before w 28x9’s.

I’ve been reading posts here and other grizz oriented sites, and there’s so many mixed answers on these OL2’s and how they are on stock axles.
Things I’ve read;
1. Got 29.5 2’s with no lift and no problems
2. Got em w 2” lift broke axle immediately
3. Ur fine just don’t diff lock in gumbo mud
4. OL2’s won’t turn at all in mud on a 700 grizz
5. 2mm shim + white spring + sheave
6. Literally everything else

Should I just buy axles now to replace future broke ones? Anyone know where to get aftermarket axles for a 21’?
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