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Ozark MO Ride

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Finally got back after my vaction in Ozark, MO. First off just want to say that if you guys like rock crawling this is definitely a place not to pass up. Me and my wife had a great time.

The first day we ran into light rain in the morning but cleared up as the day went on. Being the first ride on the grizzly's other than flat railroad grade riding we decided to take the easy trails first to get used to the new machines. So the first day we kept it easy but did run into the gas boiling problem on both machines. My wife noticed when she went to climb a minor hill and it started staling on her on the way up. She made it to the top and with the machine off I took the gas cap off and their it was, the gas was bubbling. Made it back to the trailer for the day and both atv's had the same problems.

Our next few riding days we removed the left side cover and had no problems the rest of the trip. We decided to tackle more harder trails and had a great time doing it with the grizzly's. These things, between the diff lock and the ATR tires, seem like they will climb anything. We both ended up using the diff lock feature when climbing some off the rocky uphill climbs. All I have to say is when you find some dry ground with it locked it is a bear to turn.

The biggest problem we ran into on the trail was we were on a spot of the trail we could not back up and turn around but infront of us their was a tree that had fallen. The way the tree had gone down the only spot over it was at the edge of the trail. Had to go for it! I went first, stuck it in 4 wheel and started over it, as soon as the front went over the back spun and it slid the back end over and over the lip of the trail. Locked the front diff in and no success. Ended up pulling the winch out. Wifes turn and same thing but had to remove the back storage box and pull her out with mine. After about a hour of that we were out and went on for more riding.

Well guys thats about it, sorry if it is to long but I hope you enjoy the little story. All in all had a great time and it all went good.
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Mike! Glad you had fun. Heck, I'm from north west Missouri and I've never been there. I'll have to do that someday. -Clint.
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