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Ozark, MO.

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Good place to ride if you like the rock crawling thing. Does have some nice easy trails though, but most are geared to rock crawling.
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Just got back from the Chadwick ATV and Motorcycle area near Ozark, Mo.

It is, indeed, rocky! We crawled up, down, around, rocks. Also some good stream crossings, lots of mud holes (it had just rained) with a solid bottom so getting stuck was not much of an issue, and some beautiful, restful, rides along stream beds through the woods.

The area is typically steep Ozark country with lots of rock ledges and outcrops. The riding is from easy to expert. Although the trail map is graded by difficulty, we found the gradings did not always provide a good representation of what we found on the ground--some "easy" trails were anything but easy and some "most difficult" trails were a snap. But at least it provided some sort of guideline to try and keep us out of too much trouble.

I'll go back, someday. Lots of other places to explore, first.
Same place I go but seems to never be any water or mud. How long were you out there?
I got there about noon on Friday, rode Friday afternoon, Saturday, and Sunday. Put about 14 1/2 hours on the engine; rode about 96 miles. That's a big change from my last ride prior--5 1/2 hours and 125 miles. Rock crawling is SLOW!

Even the biggest, deepest, mudholes had solid footing. Lots of rock under the mud and water. Due to the rain the creeks were all running and quite full. A couple of them seemed loose on the footing but that's probably because they were fairly deep--tops of the tires. In that much water it doesn't take much current to want to drift downstream.

By Sunday there had been enough riders to drag the mud out of the holes and onto the trails. It was actually muddier riding on Sunday than on Friday--the day after Thursday's rains. Go figure!

Overall: a great place to ride!
Guys, I live in Ozark Mo and Chadwick riding area kicks ass. My Grizzly is a little wide in some places, but if you can't fit you can always make your own trail. Overall a great place to ride. Alot of good people ride there also and glad to help if you ever have trouble.
Chadwick is full of rocks...so is White Rock in Cass.

You ever ride at Lee's Creek, Prairie Grove, Mill Creek or Mark Twain?
I know I have only been in Chadwick. How many miles do any of those other placs have to ride you mentioned Dawn.

When I loiked at Mark Twain it looked to only have like 10 or so miles of riding, not enough for me to drive that far for. Other than that me and my wife love the Chadwick trails.
We got a planned ride for Chadwick. Got alot of gusy up here in Iowa that go there. Say its by far some of the funnest riding they've been to. For me its a 9 hour drive.

Guys that have been there say having a Winch is almost a must. What do you think, do you really need one there? If so I'll have to go out and get one. I've never found the use for one yet!
Well IowaGrizz from the few times I have been there I have only used a winch due to the rain and the rocks being vary slippry. Other than that never did need one and we went on all the trail from the easy ones to start the first time we were there to looking for all the hard ones (black dimond) once we got used to it.

Been there twice with our Honda Ranchers and now once with the Grizzly. The diff lock was a big plus to have. I did lock it up a few times.

ITs a 10 hour drive for me and my wife but sure is worth it if you love the slow going rock crawling thing. You end up putting more hours than miles on your machine..lol its great. Wish we could go up with you guys but we have our Moab trip in Sept.

We always stay in the Ozarks ride in the morning and then head into Branson at night and there is a ton of things to do there. Well have fun a be sure to get some good pics.

I will see if I can scan a few regular pictures and post.
Ok here is a couple shots of the riding out there. Firt one is me on the Rancher and the second is my wife on the Grizz last year.
thanks for the pics. Looks great, cant wait to get down there.
Yeah, I like Chadwick, but it is so ROCKY...and my old Grizzly was flipped LOTS of times there...and I didn't know about it! My brother and ex boyfriend were riding the "black" trails I believe. They were riding some hard stuff...I didn't ride too much there. I loved the camping area though.

This photograph is my brother using my Grizzly for Honda crawling...I knew I shouldn't have let him borrow it...funny thing is, I didn't get to see the digital photos til we loaded up and left...now I know why...and I traded in this tan Grizzly and got rid of the boyfriend later...LOL!
There are a ton of bridges like this one. We stopped for a break in this photograph and I'm sitting and waiting to go!
Im going back towards the end of May.
Our group is thinking about going back up there again. We'll have to plan a big trip...that'd be awesome...

Have my reservations for May 27- June 2 in Ozark
Might be a trip my group can get planned...sounds like fun...
Cool pics Dawn thanks, next time I go to Oklahoma for school I'm gonna take the Grizz and check out some of these trails...I'm hoping to make it out there sometime this year...
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