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Paint the Plastics??

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Has anyone had any experience at painting the plastics on their Grizzly?
I believe the limited edition Grizzlies are "satndard" colour Grizzly plastics painted silver or black. Is this true?

Is this a lousey idea??

Is this feasable???

Will the paint scratch off easily???

any ideas????

PS Thanks!!
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I'm not sure about the paint adhering to the plastic. Maybe it would flake and peel when the plastic was bumped, and the surface of the plastic is smooth. I think if you prepared the shiney surface first by scratching it and making it ruff with sandpaper, then maybe it will stick. I wouldn 't do it. Chuck
I've had some experience with paiting Plastics on a Sport quad, and Strongly DO NOT Recommend it. It scratches easy, and if you bend the flex it has a tendency to crack and peel. There are some flex additives that you can, but they still aren't very feasible... Just my $.02
Hey Guys,

If I took the plastics off and sent them to a professional auto spray painter / workshop to be done, like the metallic finish on the limited editions, would that not work?

Has anyone had any problem with the limited edition, peeling or scratching to the original colour?
I have a 2003 Titanium LE. I just bought it and it only has 900 km on it. There are numerous scratches and rub marks through the paint. I don't know how these were caused but it doesn't look to hard to scratch. The saving grace is that the plastic is similar colored underneath, but not exactly the same. I have started to shop around for fender flares to help keep sticks and things from rubbing it too much.
But overall,,,, My opinion is that these marks are badges from where the grizz has been and what it has done!
From what I have herd is there is a paint on the market (automotive store, Wallmart,etc..) that is a spray can and is made for painting plastics and works pertty good as long as you follow the directions and let it fully cure.

My wife has the red limited and when it does scratch you have a different color plastic under it. Bought some touch up paint and you can not tell the difference. Still worth the different look than the other normal colors if you ask me.
Has anyone contacted Yamaha to see what they say? Just an idea...
I have never painted a Grizzly but I can tell you guys that plastics can and are painted to good effect.

You just need a good applicator who knows platics, you need to use special aditives for different types of plastics so if your quad has 2 or 3 different types it would cost a fair amount to get it done.

I have painted a tail piece from a Corvette, after the paint dried you could almost tie this thing in a knot. I used Glasurit with their special additives and it stuck like s$%^t to a blanket and it did not crack or peel.

In short it can be done, you just need to find the right guy for the job.

Cheers Noel

You're absolutely correct.

My 02 is Metallic Silver. I have the name and address of the company that provides the touch up paint and clear for all OEM painted quads/bikes. When I had my tank cover airbrushed, the first paints the guy started to used did not react well to the clear on my quad, so he had to change paints. Also, they do add flexing agents for paint applied on plastic. I have 2 complete sets of silver plastic, that way when one gets pretty nasty looking from the rides, I put a freshly painted set on and then have the scratched set repainted. It is obviously not as durable as tinted plastic, but I do like the looks of a painted surface better, and they clean up real nice, looking new all the time with the proper wax.

i would look into a sign shop and see if they can get plastic film to mold to the body and then pick a color , and ask them if it will stand the heat. im no pro but i dont think it will scratch as easy as long as it can stand the heat.
I know Camclad.com sell camo kits for quads (well anything really) you should see their website it is pretty amazing if not a little over the top.


Cheers Noel
My black S.E. is holding up pretty well, it has some nasty scratches but it is the same color all the way through. No white or primer showing, I think the older models were just painted plastic but now the color's are impregnated all the way through.......Irv
my silver s.e. also has a few scratches its black underneath. it doesnt scratch that easy considering where i put the grizz. its always covered in mud, sand. the only bad one is were i upset it one time. i call it a character badge.the dealer here, takes the bikes to a shop to have them painted. after another 7000km i may have mine repainted also. i seen rhinos around here painted red, white, burnt orange, metallic blue, they look awesome.
I dont see painted plastic lasting long at all, it would be a constant headache.Im sure it can be done right but with all the branches scratching and bumping the plastic and flexing it, it wouldnt take long before it looks like crap.

I wish that all atvs came with a flat finish instead of the shiny finish, my mv polaris has a green flat finish and scratches hardly show up, but a new shiny plastic on my grizzly and my dirt bike looks very used very quickly.
just my opinion. I know a lot of guys dont care about scratches and think it looks tough, but after I spend $7000 plus on a bike I expect to ride it hard and still have it look half way decent. I change my plastic on my dirtbike every couple years but its really cheap on a dirt bike. Atv plastic is spendy!!
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