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OK, I;m new to this forum and so I'm probably in big trouble for sending this but everytime I log into view active topics, I crack up at the picture coming out of the stream bed. It looks like my 6 year old grandson with my helmet on. Now I know it's probably a bad picture of someone 280 lb that is going to kick my "you know what" but had to share. Free country, right?

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I know what you mean. Another proud Grizzly owner, right!!!
Did you have to put that thing in 4x4 to get it up on that trailer? Bryan
Rob, I was just kidding, really! It's a great picture!!

GTown, I can usually get it up on the trailer in two wheel but have to be going at least 45 when I hit the ramp!

WB1, Mine doesn't look like that anymore either. That pic was heading out for the first ride!!
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