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Pics of New Years Day ride

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Our group at one of the lakes located in Breakneck, this lake is in Sturbridge Ma.
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another shot
Our campsite at another lake located in Breakneck, but in Union Ct.
trailside steak stew! we sure do eat like kings
relaxin by the fire. it don't get any better then this!
used a boat as a windblock.
Kingsmit on his knees praying to the King Quad God! Moogie bowing in praise!
another one
Bill (Kingsmit)
Roland (Chopper)
Moogie says bye bye for now folks, till next time.
Hey Blue,

Great Pics! Looks like you enjoyed the day. But who couldn't when you are riding!
Sweet pics!

Thanks guys,

The worst part of riding where we ride is that I never want to come home! It's so beautiful and peaceful out there and very hard to leave once out there. Oh well, I guess it gives me something to look forward to, the next ride!
Praying to the King Quad God, too funny. LMFAO!!
great pics blue, looks like the weather held out for some good riding.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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