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Hey Guys,I finally got around to post som pics in my profile if anybodys interested. The Grizz is a 2005 all stock.......so far!!!!
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Nice machine, now the add-on fun begins! Like I tell my darling wife,"But Hun, I really really need it for the machine bad!" LOL Have fun on your new Grizzly. Ride safe

When I tell my wife what you say, she just looks at me and tells me "well thats fine but if you need it so do I." So then I have to save up for two..lol

Nice looking Grizz Chanaba. HAve fun with it, im sure you will!
[email protected] Extreme! Well I guess you can say,"what's good for dad is good for mom too!" Sometimes I wish my wife would get into the sport but then again I am glad she don't.LOL Gotta love it no matter what. Oh yeah, I read the bottom of your sig and I noticed her Grizzly is "MINUS" the winch, whats up with that huh?? LOL shame on you!
Yeah, my wife is now finding how much fun it is to drive the grizzly. She is talking about me getting me an ATV now LOL...i think she is taking over the grizzly...its ok, I will just get me a Rhino now LOL!!!
Thanks for the replies guys I appreciate it. Well I have tried for a new set of Mud Lites but...she stated that the thing is brand new why does it need tires already.......something about she needs tires on her SUV....its about a year and half old. I can't think of any really good arguments......you guys have been at this longer than me ......Help me out please.
use the quarter test...if you can put a quarter in the tread of the tire on her SUV and the hair is not visible then the tires are still good!

As for the mudlites, explain that the stock tires are not able to handle the rough terrain that you drive on, its not like you are driving on payvment...

If she doesn't go for that, then just ride the stock tires and i assure you they will crap out VERY quickly!! Both my rear tires wont hold air (slow leak) and I only have 80-90 miles...LOL crappy stock tires are about as useful as oreo cookies and no milk!!! hehe

You could break down and buy her some tires for her SUV but make it clear that if she gets new tires so do you! That always seems to work for me! My wife is so use to me buying add-ons she just keeps asking me,"what's next?" I am in the process right now of convincing her I need that awesome Yamaha bumper from Yamaha Canada! LOL Oh the shame..... LMAO

I tried that one with the brush gaurd...I showed it to her off this forum and everything. She looked at me and gave me a smirk and said it already has a bumper and I thought you wanted tires...and you JUST got the winch! I laughed and said ok, I will get some tires then..she looked at me, laughed and said ok, fine get some tires then can I go shopping and spend the same? LOL..DOH!! my plan backfired

I think WOMEN call that routine "Tit-for-tat". I don't know where the **** that comes from, but what I do know is, that's what my dear wife always tells me! She does the same with me whenever I buy something for my Grizzly. When I ask her why she bought another useless thing(house decorations & knick-nacks) she simply replies,"Tit-for-tat Hunny!" LOL
Nice ride I to have the blue 04 grizz.The only problem I"ve had with it is the blue when its been hit or bent will turn a soft white {for lack of a better word.}I'VE HIT AND BUMPED it a few times and it's left white streaks :{
It"s a lotttt of fun riding.

Here's a tip: when you have a fold/bend white mark on the plastic use a propane torch and lighty (never stopping in one spot) heat the plastic. Just make sure you DO NOT keep the flame on one spot, keep the flame moving. the white mark will then turn a shiney blue color again. I did this many times with my old Honda 300 4X4 and my Kodiak and it works great. Just go easy and be careful and you should be all set.
Ya I have one of those white creases also...just noticed it. I was actually thinking of getting a Sharpie and marking the date that I flipped it kinda of a battle wound of some sorts. It could act as a friendly reminder that I need to think before trying something like that again.
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