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Plasma Rope

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Was just wondering if thier is anyone using Plasma Rope or something similar on their winch. If so how do you like it and where did you get it it from?
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I have a plasma rope on my #2500. It is nice to handle as there is never a burr or kink. I did have is break once whilee pulling out of a snow bank. The rope just fell to the ground with out any recoil. Tied it back together and pulled myself out. I got mine from masterpull.com. Service was strange, but the PR arrived and all was fine. It comes with an extra heavy-duty hook that takes two hands to operate. It also comes with an eyelet at the other end. This I had to cut off, carefully push the PR thru the drum hole, and just tie a knot in the end. The 50' PR just fits on the drum. I recomend a roller fairlead to minimize abraision.
Here is another link for PR http://allterrainonline.com/view.php?productID=562
Thanks for the info and the link tinmandan.
Any one else have any expericence with the Plasma rope.

What size did you get tinmandan? 1/4 or 3/16? Have a 2500lb super winch that I would be putting it on.
1/4". 50' of this will just fit on the drum.
It is my understanding that you are not recommended to use the roller fairlead with the plasma rope. All of the research I have done they suggest the aluminum hause fairlead because it eliminates the possibility of the rope slipping down past the roller and being cut.
I have plasma rope from Master Pull on my old A2000... works great! I had the same installation issues as described earlier but mine has never broken.

Well bought my plasma rope from the place tinmandan suggested. Installed about a month ago and still not have had the chance to try it out. Just installing the stuff was a treat in the difference of how you can handle it and how easy it is to work with. Like working with a normal nylon rope.

I will agree in that it just fits on the superwinch drum. Can't wait to try it though.
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