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Primary shaft nut / thread size?

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Would anyone happen to know what the thread size is on the primary clutch shaft? The outer one that is. I have to buy a die or thread chaser and need to know what size....dealer cant tell me...its more than likely metric...
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Well, the nuttakes a 22mmsocket .... not sure what thread the shaft has. And yes, I'm sure it's metric.

Good Luck .... AndI won't ask why you need this information ... but I'm sure Bob will ask !!!
Nawwwww... I'm just sitting here kind of quiet-like and hoping that there's nothing too seriously wrong...
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ya...in the mists of changing weights the camplate came off the splines... and stripped the shaft and nut on start up... I caught it in time ,but it still messed up a few threads. I found my thread pitch gage....it is 16mm X 1.0
Only 1 dealer out of 7 carried the nut up here..

So the moral is,..dont rush to get it together. Or should I say, dont let the misses distract you,....ya thats it,..ill blame it on her,..why not...she doesnt read this
Reason is,....I left the belt on and tried to put the primary back on with it still on there...apparently i didnt push the primary on all the way,....leason learned.
You can make a thread chaser out of an extra nut if you can't find a die,you just make 3 cut's across the threads inside the nut with a hacksaw blade or something like that then clean it up a little with a file if needed. Then you can just run it on carefully and it will clean up the threads just like a die. This trick is only in a pinch situation as always the right tool for the job is best.
found a die, cousin owns a machine supply company. ;) ..all fixed...
So the moral of the story will be to keep the Missus from distracting us while we're busy... Glad to hear that you're back up and running!
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Ummm ... depends on what the misses is do'in .... to distract me ..... might be worth it to do the job another day ....
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Oh sorry .... forgot about the subject of the thread for a minute ... my mind wanders so easily at times ....

Glad to hear ya got yer shaft rethreaded BGGRIZ.... did it hurt much ?? ......... What ?? .......... Oh ... yeah .... stay on the subject of the thread ........ Well, glad to hear the Grizz is going back together too !!!
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Gunny...Gunny...Gunny... Did you end up showing your Missus that shakeweight??

Back to the threading thread... Since I'm only used to working on small stuff, did it take anything special to clean up those threads?
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Bob,.. a $25 dollar starting die. I used a pair of vise grips to hold it. Cheaper than a $250 shaft,...ya know. I was so in tune to paying atten to fix it, sorry I didnt take a pic.

On the same subject,. my yamaha clutch grease turns dark gray after its first use. My guess is the weight covers are the culprit. Some how the teflon ( im guessing their made of) wears off ???

Gunny,...you have a shake weight????? Is that the new training tool of your troop? Drop down and ...give ..me... ahhh.. nevermind....
**** toot'in I a got a "Shake Weight" ... and Buddy ... it's HUGE !!!
..... and **** no it ain't for the troops ... it's for ...... well ...... none of yer dang biswax funny boy !!

Oh the thread ... I got nothing to say that will help the thread ... or you BGGRIZ!!!!
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Gunny, Take your reading glasses off and your shakeweight can be viewed in its actual size...

BG, It's just too bad that ou had to buy a die thatwill only be used as a fishing weight from now on... At least it's heavy enough to get the bait to the bottom pronto!
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Well...if anyone needs it,...ill ship it to em..
Ship what BGGRIZ .... yer "Shake Weight" .... That's gonna hurt dude !!!!

Bob .... ya bast%$# ..... that is with my glasses off .... otherwise it's so HUGE it's scary ...... Wait .... what are we really talk'in about here ?? ..... Wait ! Wait ! ......... don't tell me ......... let's get back on track here ....... Savvy ??

So, BGGRIZ, you got yer Grizz runn'in again yet ??
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yup,..all fixed....i have yet to test different roller weights yet. The 22(x8) grams were to heavy,..took too long to top speed and couldnt reach the rev limit. Im gonna try the 4 stock(18) and 4 Dalton 17) next, and maybe go to all stock if thats too light. with the 22's in there it still pulled a wheelie from a dead stop, but couldnt hold it as long(the wheelie that is...)

Im wondering if there is going to be a dead spot in the rpm range if the alternating rollers are too far apart in weight. such as if i use 4x17 and 4x22. Im thinking im gonna need a heavy weight for the coop45 (camplate) mod.
BG, That's a kind offer if anybody else finds themseves in a pickle...

BG, I'm trying to fine tune my clutch right now also. I've tried 4 350/550 weights which are a size up from the 450 and a size down from the 660 weights. So far I'm not too happy with them. I use to keep it at half throttle to cruise at about 40 mph.
With the new weights at half throttle I'm cruising at 33-35 mph. I have to give it a bit more throttle to keep my speed up. I'll be trying 4 700 weights next. But will probably just put it back to stock in the end.

Even after all the work I've done on mine, I still can't get it to wheelie without a rolling start and tugging on the bars. I'm thinking my belt and sheaves are a bit worn and need replacement. I can light the tires up anywhere and almost at any speed though.
Hill, if we could have it all,...... your trying to increase engagement speed of the sheave ,,yet still want low end power.???hmmmm

Worn parts??... I personally used 100 grit emery cloth (not a scotchbrite pad) to take the glaze off the sheaves. I worked from center out, and after went in a criss cross X pattern...much like the honing of a cylinder wall,...and it is very grabby.

Weights,...ya I still need to test which one is going to push the modified camplate out to its most outer posistion. (coop45 mod) on the Dalton clutch kit instruction sheet it actually says,.. "most have found that stock weights work best with a 686 big bore kit.."
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