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Primary shaft nut / thread size?

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Would anyone happen to know what the thread size is on the primary clutch shaft? The outer one that is. I have to buy a die or thread chaser and need to know what size....dealer cant tell me...its more than likely metric...
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Low end power doesn't seem to be a problem. I think traction is more the issue.
My belt is on the low side of spec and my primary sheave seems to be grooved on the outer edge pretty deep. I'm thinking the whole moving primary is worn after looking at a newer one. From the center out it is not a flat ramp. It actually has a 1/4 -1/2" drop about 1/2" from the center then it's flat to the outside edge where it's grooved about 1/4" deep.
I used 320 sand paper to clean both primary and secondary surfaces and don't think the belt is slipping, just not ramping to the top fully since the belt and primary are worn. The belt starts about 1/8"- 1/4" out of the secondary and doesn't fully reach the top of the primary. It's close but seems the belt doesn't top out.
Looks like my friends after we did the shim mod. But I still haven't shimmed mine. lol
BG, Boy am I glad that I took a look at your positng about 686 kits and clutch weights... I've got a piston coming now, so my pile of parts is getting larger...
Well...if anyone needs it,...ill ship it to em..
Needs the Die? I am going to look locally to get it fast but how much do you want for one?
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