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Rear axle problem!!!

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I was on a poker run today and noticed my Grizzly didn't have much traction going up the snow covered hills. Only one wheel was spinning on back and under further investigation I noticed that one of the axles was popped out and I could not get it back in. I could not see the axle end but it was out. I had no other choice but to drive the ATV back in this condition because I was twenty miles from my truck. No diff. fluid came out but I guess I had to have damaged the diff. and axle somewhat. The ATV is under warranty so what should I look for. What parts may need to be changed so I will know if it was done. Also if I adjust the shocks to make them stiffer, I know that this changes the ride, but will it help to prevent this from happening again because of the decrease in travel of a stiffer shock.hanks in advance.

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There is an ongoing thread on this topic, that you have replied to a few times already...

Yes but mine did not come all the way out. I just need to know if the end of the axle could be damaged and if setting the shocks to a higher setting will prevent so much down movement on the bike and therefore prevent it from happening again. All of the axles that I have seen come out so far, have popped right out. Mine did not!!! This was new to me.
Check the ends of the axle and see if the splines are all junked up. As for the diff. You have to have the dealer pull it and inspect for damage. I would think it's difficult to see damage without opening it up and inspecting.

It's in the shop. The axle clip went bad and let the axle slide right out. The axle teeth are toast. They are going to replace the axle, clean and flush the rear and do a mod to prevent it from happening again. Yamaha knows about the problem and has a sollution. They put a "o" ring in the clip notch first and then put the clip on. This keeps the clip bent out where it needs to be but I guess it is hard to get back in this way. Anyway it is being done under warranty. I still haven't gotten a answer on the shocks though.
Gotta love warranites!

hello mine did that also . i was goin up a hill and it popped out bad deal. yes turn your shocks all the way up on the front and back. it will cure the problem and will ride and handle ALOT better my front axle popped out also but that was do to ,to many wheelies but it still got warranyed lol
I've got an 04 griz both axles popped out and it ruined the splines on both .$750 in damage.
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