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rear differential

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Has anyone felt the rear housing for heat on the Griz after a ride?, I put about 30 miles on my 04 yesterday, has about 400 miles on it, anyway when I got home I put my hand on the rear housing and it was to my suprise very warm, like you could touch it , but I couldn't keep my hand there for very long.
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Danny I have noticed that there seems to be alot of heat in general. I will be going for a ride tomorrow. I will check and see how it feels...
I will bring my little infra-red temp probe with me on my next ride and check mine out to see how hot it gets...

Dannyk I rode for about 5 miles when a storm came through so I had to cut it short. The rear diff seemed warm even at that short of a ride. I could leave my hand there for only a second.

I will try to add some synthetic diff lube at the next service. I will let you know the results. Approx 20 hours till next service.

I switched mine over to synthetic lube in the rear differental for now and will switch the front over before winter, last ride I checked it several times and it was only warm to the touch, don't know if that is all due to the syn. lube or not may just have had to be broken in some. Will keep checking it as the summer goes along.
This is not an abnormal occurance. Have you guys ever felt the diff on your trucks after driving home from a ride? Some are warm and some will be hot where you can't touch them for very long. Depends on the load. Check it out.
Rode today temp about 80 degrees, even with the synthetic oil it runs hot, no load other than the rider 230 lbs, and some soft luggage. Just the nature of the beast I guess.
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