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I am new to the Grizzly side of the house. I have been living on the Rincon side but recently was shown the light of how WONDERFUL the grizzly is. I am now a proud owner of an 04 Grizzly 660.

My question is simply do any of you know what is a good water tight rear storage box (hard type) with a padded seat/back rest for my wife. I want a good fit on the back rack of the grizzly without having overhand or being to small for the rack...If anyone has any ideas or thoughts on this please let me know.

Also, I will be needing to change the oil soon (now have 35 miles/5 hours)and have NO clue where the stuff is. All I can see is plastic. How do I get to teh drain plug (are there more than 1) and the oil fill hole...also, what type of oil should I use? The dealer told me that anything other than Castrol GTX...this sounds odd to me and I just wanted to get clarification (does it use a wet clutch?? and requires specific type oil?)

thanks for your help!
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