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Report broken CV joints

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If anybody has ever broken the outboard constant velocity joint on their machine you should report it to https://www.cpsc.gov/incident.html. Put your VIN # where they ask for S/N. This is the third one to fail on my 2003 stock Grizzly.

I do not have the pieces from the 1st CV and when the second one broke it ripped the boot and all that was left were small pieces. The material from the 2nd and 3rd CV was the same when viewed with the SEM. The mode of failure on the second one to fail was inconclusive due to missing some of the pieces. Without doing an element analyses the main reason for failure cannot be pin pointed but here are the probable cause for failure based on information I have. Poor manufacturing of the retaining cage with either poor atmospheric control of the environment, poor compacting, and/or improper heat treatment during manufacturing, thus producing a part with large and numerous pores which become stress raisers which become critical in the hardened material, with inconsistence material properties that has locations of brittle material.

There has been talk that early 2004 models have the same problem and with this being a fatigue failure the older or more miles they get on them the more likey they will fail also.
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Dr. Quad,

I am working out of town so I don't have my vin info with me but will as soon as I get back home.

I have a 2003 LE that I broke both front axles and have just recently replaced them with Gorilla. When I brought my grizz to the dealer they said the axles were not under warranty.So I replaced one with a new stock axle and then after hearing all the problems with the stock axles,..I then ordered Gorilla's.

When I first got the Gorilla's they were the wrong length...too long. So that damaged my bearing. Sent axles back and got another set, still wrong length. Finally the thrid set was correct and got it back together.

Had the recall heat sheild put in by the same dealer as mentioned above. Still vapor locks as it has since day one, nothing different at all. It does it everytime I'm idling through the woods or tall grass in fields at low speeds, unless it's snowing of course lol.

Just ordered from HL a performance kit, I'm hoping if I jet it a little richer and remove the exhaust a little quicker maybe it won't heat up so bad.

Sorry to vent. New to the site and got excited reading all of the posts.

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Report the fuel problem also on a different report.
first time i seen this trhred, i have broken 3 different cv joints on my 2002 grizzly. mine doesnt see too bad of stuff. but i am running a 27 inch ag kit. since i flipped my hubs in the rear i havent broke either one of them, just 1 on the front
Just curious... How is everybody breaking these things??? My dealer warned me all about them being super weak, but I've used the Grizz to push a 20' boat trailer around using 4WD, in reverse, where I KNOW ALL the stress is on the front axle. Using full throttle just to get it over bumps. Still never had a problem in 2 yrs I've been doing this.

My buddy just bought a 2004 Grizz and uses his as a tractor full time, pulls hay wagons, horse trailers, you name it, and he hasnt had any problems either.

If only as a warning for others, what are people doing when these things actually break?!?!

Heck, last winter my neighbor stuck his full size bronco trying to pull out our mail man, I used the Grizz to get them both out (one at a time!).
welcome BDude
With me I have an 03 and they are the worst of the Axles. I have broken 3 with ITP 589 and 1 with my 29.5's. When it stuck and then diff lock somethngs going to give and it usually its the axles
I agree with BDude, so far I have really put my bike under some heavy stress, like pulling my fathers pontoon boat up a hill to his shed (truck cant make the tight turn without taking out a fence). I have also pulled numerous ATV's and 1 truck out of a mud hole...no problems yet and yes I was in 4x4 locked up the diff and hammerd it. Maybe the 2004's have this problem worked out. I am keeping my fingers crossed.
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