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Rhino Questions

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I graduate from college this may and hope to be able to get a second atv for myself and let my wife have the grizzly (she really really likes it). I have thought about another grizzly and also about a Rhino. The Rhino is basically the Grizzly but with a dump bed, 2 seats, and wider stance. Is this the correct assesment of this machine?

Has anyone actually seen this machine in action or driven it? I would think with it having a wide stance, and really good ground clearance that it would be very stable in hill climbs and off camber situations. I am thinking it would be like a miniture hum-v or a jeep on steriods...I have heard and read nothing but praise for the thing...does anyone have any input on this machine?
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I have never even seen one out here where we ride. I think the only reason why would be that the Rhino is on the BIG side and manuvering the trails here would be impossible. Sometimes even my Grizzly with the fender flairs has a **** of a time squeezing thru some spots. I couldn't imagine a Rhino making it thru whatsoever. I guess bottom line would be, "could I take it on all the trails I like to ride on?"
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