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Rockport, IL

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Just drove down there this weekend to check out the off road park. Looks like it has a little bit of everything. Deffinately plan on visiting it. Any one been there yet?
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I've not been there, it's about 200 miles directly east of me. I would like to go. This spring I want to go to Tuttle Creek orv park in Kansas. Has anyone been there? It will be my 1st time there.
Bluegrizz I just drove about 250 miles to Rockport on sat. it ended up being about 5 hrs with stops. They have a rock crawl comptition on June 26 and 27. I will be ending my vaction a little earily in Ozark MO and going through Rockport to check out the event and maybe do a little ridding of my own. I hope to take a long weekend before that and try out the area once though. Come on down if you can and maybe will c-ya there.
Do they have activities for full size rigs too? I don't know anything about this place, but, I'd like to play with my truck too. All we have is farms and a few very nasty county roads arount here and I would like to go out and push it a little bit. Tuttle creek has everything so, I figured it ideal. But Rockport is about the same distance from me as from you. I'm not scared to drive the distance... I could simply load up the trailer and some buddies, throw the boggers in the back, and switch the tires back when I get there. Sounds great! I assume the rock crawl is for full sizes, but do they have trails for the public? Let me know... I'll check the net too. Maybe I'll c-ya there! -Clint.
Clint there is plenty for the big boys also, from Xtreme to woods driving. In fact when we went he gave us a tour in his lifted Jeep of the area and it has a bit of it all. www.rorp.com is the web site. Give it a look once. When we were there we saw cars from MO, a truck from TX and so on. Not a bad place to go I think. Mike
new place named The Cliffs just opened no to long ago near Seneca IL on RT 6(near interstate 80) 300 acres of woods, marked trails, and mud great place to ride and close to home. Know of any other places in Illinois to ride?
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