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Sizing up

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Hey guys I'm in between a a kodiak and a grizzly. The only thing holding me back is my size. I wiegh about 300 and im 6"1 16 years old and Dont know if a kodiak would be big enough. I have sat on a grizzly and it fits me great. I do alot of woods riding and I just worry about the grizz being too big. But I love the way it feels.ANy help would be appreciated. I'm going saturday to get one and need help QUICK.
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I weigh a little under your weight and when I had the Kodiak it hauled my carcass around like nothing. Were you looking at the Kodiak 450 or the 400? I owned a 2001 Kodiak 400 and it was a good machine but no comparison to the Grizzly. I would say a guy your size would be right at home on the Grizzly. The Grizzly is just fine on any trail and to me seems very nimble for its weight class. I have no problem with it being to big or oversized for the wooded trails here. If money isn't a factor with your purchase power, then I would say get the Grizzly hands down over the Kodiak, you won't regret it. The Kodiak 450 seems like a good machine with the IRS and diff lock but it will always be a 450, and the 660 in the Grizzly is a great power plant with lots of power.
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