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snow plowing with grizzly

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I recently purchased a 60" Moose plow and I was wondering if any of you guys plow with the Grizzly. I had the same exact plow set-up on my 2001 Kodiak and it would plow snow with ease. I used the Kodiak with chains on the stock tires, and also plowed with the 26" 589's and both tire set-ups worked great. So I was thinking that I may just try using the Grizzly with the Mudlites and not bother buying chains for my stock tires. I would imagine the Grizzly would plow great knowing it has much more power then my Kodiak did. I bought the Grizzly last December but never used it to plow. At that time I still owned the Kodiak and that was my plow machine. I do know that the Grizzly is AWESOME in the snow and with the diff lock it's pretty much unstopable. I cannot wait for snow and I'm looking forward to plowing this year with the Grizzly. If any of you plowed with the Grizzly let me know how it worked out for you, pros and cons. Thanks
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I was wondering if anyone's used a plow also. Ive considered one but don't know if it would hold up to what I want to use it for. I'm more interested in using it for light tractor duty like clearing the top 3or4" of duff on our property. From your experience with the polw, do you think the blade would hold up? Bryan

I have plowed stonedust for my neighbor's horse arena with the Moose plow. I also have plowed light gravel and it seemed to hold up just fine. Moose makes a great plow, this is my second one I purchased. I also owned a Cycle Country plow when I had the Honda TRX 300 and it did ok, but not as rugged as the Moose set-up is. After two years use(only plowing snow) the Cycle Country plow started breaking alot. When I had the Moose plow on my Kodiak I ran that plow for three years(plowed snow,stonedust,gravel) and nothing ever broke on it. The Moose plow does superb plowing snow, as for using it for light tractor duty, I don't see why it wouldn't work. Keep in mind however, that any plow used on an ATV only relys on the weight of the plow blade to do the cutting. Without a hydraulic set-up you will not be able to keep any down pressure on the blade. When I used my Kodiak plowing the stonedust in the arena it took me a full day of spreading. I wish I could give you more info on plowing dirt,gravel,and loam. As for snow goes, the Moose does an excellent job. Maybe one of the guys in here has more info on plowing with it, other then snow. For the couple of times I used it for plowing light gravel and stonedust it held up just fine.
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Blue, Thanks for the info I think I'll still keep it on my wish list.Do you use your winch for raising/lowering it? Bryan
Blue, got one more question. How does the plow mount? I'd guess with u-bolts? Do you have to drill holes through your skid plates if you've got them? Bryan

The bottom mount attaches with 4 u-bolts to the frame and you don't need to drill anything. The push tubes then attach to the bottom mount with two clevis pins. Then all you have to do is hook up the winch cable to the u-bolt on the plow swivel and thats it. I remove the hook from the winch cable for plowing and I replace it with a quick link. I found when plowing, the winch hook would come off of the u-bolt and I was constantly getting off the machine having to put the hook back on. So a quick link was a great fix and it was simple.

Yes indeed I use my winch for raising/lowering the blade. Moose does sell a manual lift kit but it's nothing I would recomend, the plow is somewhat heavy. A winch or the Warn electric plow lift is the only way to go. Also check out ebay, there is a used moose plow (50") for bid right now and it's a steal! high bid right now is $159.00 and if it even went up to $200.00 thats a great buy. I paid $389.00 for mine new, they dont give them things away! LOL
I've always wondered... with the push tube installed on the ATV, does anything hang down under the machine to catch rocks?


The push tubes do hang down when the plow is on the machine. When the plow is on I have never hit any rocks with the tubes, mainly because I haven't tried taking a 5' plow off road! LOL However when you take the plow off the only part that is exposed is the bottom mount tabs/ears that the tubes attach to with the clevis pins. The tabs/ears hang down 2" and the thickness of the mounting plate is 3/16" so not that much hangs down after the plow is off. I have on many occassions ridden the trails here with the mounting plate on my machine during the winter months. I'de rather take it off just in case I accidendtly bash the tabs/ears on a rock. Nevertheless, I have rode with the mounting plate on and never hit the tabs/ears. There is another make of plow and I cannot recall the brand name, but they specify ZERO clearance on their mounting plate. I liked their concept but the plow set-up didn't appeal to me(looked cheaply made) so I went with Moose again. Hope this answered your question.
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i have the small 48" $70 yamaha giveaway plow that we got with our first bike (03 big bear) and when we traded up to the griz we kept the plow, got the new mounting brackets and got our winch for $70 on this deal. last year i we had a good deep snowfall hit and i plowed alot of snow with the grizz and performed wonderfully other than traction issues on very smooth surfaces (stock tires).

recently we did some topsoil and stone grading at our hunting property and the plow worked well as long as you are smart about it. the bike has alot of power but you cant load up the blade and try to push all that material. you need to take your time working with only skimming the top 2-4" and moving the material or only use half of the blade width and always push at an angle and you can handle most tasks as long as you are smart about it
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