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Steering Damper

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I saw another Grizzly owner added a mini shock absorber to the steering linkage and it reduced the kick-back effect when on rough riding. No more jerking the handle bars and tearing your thumb off. He said he got it out of a catalog and paid about $110 for it.

That seemed very expensive to me for a mini shock and two brackets. I would think they are available online and cheaper. Does anyone know what they are called and where I can get one? Does anyone else have one? Anyone like/dislike them?

I did a search but all I could find were model specific ones and they all seemed to be for the racing quads, not the utility ones.


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Wonder if it was one for a sport quad that he modified to work on his Grizz. Not a bad idea to have something maybe like that. Wonder if JCWintey has anything? You can just about find anything you need from them..lol

JC Whitney was a good idea, but they didn't have it.

They do have the thumb saver and heated grips though!

Cabela's has the thumb saver too and it is cheaper.


I would also like to know more if a steering damper is made for the Grizzly. With the tires I am running sometimes the fronts catches a rock or rut and sends such a shock to my arm it goes all the way up to my elbow! A steering shock would be great to cure this.
I would love to have a damper for my Grizzly... if somebody would make one, I'm sure it'd sell!

I'll have to find out where he got it exactly. I'll let you all know.

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