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Stock Grizzly pulling Jeep out of mud

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Hi Guys,

I thought this might make you smile. I was rising the other weekend here in Spain and came across one of your countrymen up to his axles in mud!!!
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Up to axles in wet mud
Clearing a bit of the mud
Stock Grizzly with Warn 2500 winch pulls him out!!!!
Just to make sure I helped him to the road. Had a great time and plenty of laughs at his expense. He had been stuck for a couple of hours and was going nowhere fast.

Fitted 27" Mud Lites with C series rims and overfenders this week and am inching to try them out this weekend. I will try and post some more pictures.
Yeah I did something VERY similar. Although I had 26" mudlites installed when I pulled this jeep out..
Here is just after I got him out...you can barely see the winch line out the front...
Thanks, that is so awsome, a one piston machine with the power to pull out a car! Go Yamaha! Thanks for the entertainment from Spain and of course Alabama!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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