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Stock shocks

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I was on a trail the other day and on a specific section, the trail dips very quickly, (about 3 feet deep and and about 4 feet long) and returns level. Well, I rode this section particularly quick, to test the responsiveness of the suspension, and i heard a loud pop from the front end when it dove, equivalent to a balloon bursting. I quickly pulled over, loaded and released the front shocks by hand, together then seperate, and everything felt fine. I then repeated this section at a slower pace, nothing. I was just curious to find out if anyone had experienced anything similar. Maybe gas compressing a little to quickly? Should I set the front shocks to a more firm setting? They are currently on the factory, (second to softest) setting and they did not bottom, the section actually felt very good other than the noise. Thanks for the input, Clint.
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Keep an eye on your shocks. If you popped a seal, then you will start seeing dirt sticking to the shock body (the portion that slidse up into the other). This is still fine for a while, but eventually, the shock oil will drain out and you'll have no shock. Assuming this was the problem.

Another thought is you popped the bead on one of your tires...

Thanks rob. I'll keep an eye on it. If thats the case hopefully my dealer will make good on the warranty, but I doubt it.
I am new to this site. I just bought a 2004 Green Griz got 167km on it in 1 week. Great bike, the only problem that I have found with it is that making a tight turn at a slow speed I get a cracking noise from under the bike, almost sounds like something is loose but I checked everything and it is all tight the only thing that is added to the bike is the plow mounting bracket done at dealer if anyone has had this problem please help
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