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stock wheels..

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anyone need to get rid of a set of stock wheels let me [email protected]
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I have a set of stock rims and tires that I might be willing to get rid of. They have about 100 miles on them and are sitting in my garage as I now have T-5's and mudlites.

Make me an offer or send me an email/PM.

This is about the only photo I have now of the stockers...The rims are perfect with no dents or dings...I can produce new photos if you so desire.
I have a brand new set of 4 ..Tiers and rims Grizzly 600, 2000
Kept in excellent storage condition.

Contact [email protected]
thanks everyone i got some on the way.....
Toolman, sorry i havent got back to you, I went out of town for a bit. I decided I was going to keep them as back up. Sorry for the delay.
if yall still have some stock wheels from a 660 grizzly please email me at [email protected]
i have a brand new set off an 08 special edition grizzly never even mounted on a bike ..
I have stock wheels off an 02 660. I'll email you when I get home this evening.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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