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Well after/during a fun ride yesterday, I landed in a NEW rift in my regular river crossing. I submerged the Grizz to just below the racks (yes, both!!).

Engine was fine, no water, no problems. Tranny was full of water!

I drained the Tranny plug (took 15 mins to empty) and the other drains on Gear stick, airbox, and vent.

I rode for about 2 hours after that, everything seems dry and A OK.

Is there something else I should do? (besides put on a snorkel LOL)
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WOW Thats deep. Did you have anyone snap a pic?

You might want to change your diff fluid front and rear... odds are good you got water in 'em too.

If you got water in the tranny like you said, I would, for the piece of mind clean and regrease the clutch. My dealer told me to do that if I ever submerged the machine to the extent of having to drain lots of water from it. Look at Texmudders site, should give you some insight to it.

Hey Koko,

I did not take a pic, I was far too confused as to why the motor was running and the wheels would not turn at all!! (my first experiance of tranny belt slipping!) I was also keeping the back up so the rack was above waters while my friend pulled from the front to "roll" it onto high ground!!

Rob & Danny,

Is it a mission to change the diff oil and grease the clutch? should I take it to the dealer or can I do it myself?
changing the front and rear diff oil is a no brainer, as for the clutch I myself am going to take it to the dealer, but thats me, they have more knowledge than me as far as that goes, besides I trust the shop foreman to work on my machine, worked with him at a dealership several years ago. I have been told that the clutch isn't a big deal to do yourself but who knows. I copied the procedure of the clutch regrease from texmudders site but don't feel confident in doing it myself right now.
Doing the clutch is not hard at all and TexMudders directions sum it up very well. About the hardest thing about working on the clutch is getting the nut off that holds it on and then putting the nut back on.
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