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That sucks!

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Well, seatec, I've got your back... BUT THIS IS THE LAST TIME!!! lol. Man that's just horrible. I hope this is the topic you wanted to list under. As far as putting a price on your grizz, that's hard. You lose value just as soon as you load that baby up for the ride home. I was worried about being upside down on my rincon, only having it for a year. Luckily, I found a buddy who was impressed with it the way it was... tires, winch, etc. and he took over payments, so I could get a grizzly and outdo him, uh, okay I don't think he planned on that, but anyway. If you have any buddies who were overly impressed by it, (which should be ALL of them, unless they're nuts!) I would look there first, but otherwise, it will be tough. Good luck and sorry to hear it. clint.
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