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Tow Hooks

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Was just wondering where you guys hook up your tow hooks. Or what kind of custom setups do you have for towing. Nothing looks real strong or easy to hook your tow rope too.
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You mean to tow a trailer?


If you are talking about where to hook a tow strap up to get a disabled wheeler
out of the woods, that would be where a ball hitch would be.
Rap the tow strap around the lower shank of the ball hitch twice and take the hook and hook it back to the tow strap.
Hopefully it has spring loaded retaining clip,if not keep a roll of duct tape with you in the storage box and rap the hook and strap a few times to keep it from coming undone while you are towing somebody out.
Be sure to allways hook to the lowest point of the towing wheeler which would be the hitch.If not you risk flipping the towing wheeler over backwards if the disabled wheeler gets hung up in a deep rut or bad mud hole.
Not tow a trailer, I did mean for towing another atv. I figuged in the rear I would get a ball to hook to but what about in the front. I have a winch but wy wife's does not. Where would be a good place to hook in the front. Sorry for not explaining myself better before.
Now we get the big picture,or do we?

Okay you have a winch on your wheeler and you are talking about where to hook a tow strap up to another wheeler from behind yours!Well!! If you hook to somebody else`s wheeler try to go low around the two bars that come up from the frame to the bumper.Depends on what other wheeler you are talking about hooking to because some have almost all plastic wrapped around the front end.
Xtreme, I'm pretty sure I follow you. The lack of a winch on your wifes quad gives you nowhere to pull from, to extract her from a stuck. Am I there? If so, I think you can use a nylon tow strap and slide it behind the two bars that come up the front and end up at the rack (between your headlights). Using a nylon strap will keep from scratching the bars, and will disperse the pressure to avoid bending them. I think she would have to be pretty buried to hurt them. Hope this helps.
Thanks guys, that was it. That is where and how I was thinking of doing it. I do not really have to tow my wife much but when we go to the Mark Twain trails you never know if you are going to need that extra help to get up the rocks.

I saw that HighLifter makes a front tow hook for the Grizzly but I was not real crazy for the construction of it. Im thinking of making my own bracket to hook around the two down tubes and have a clevis so you can just hook a straps hook to it. Will have to look into it better when I get more time though.

Thanks guys I appreciate the advice and help!
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