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Waterproof Grizzly

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I found some new places to ride with lots of mud. Was wondering if anybody has any tips on what I should do before I bury the Griz in the mud? Any electrical connections or particular spots I should pay attention to? You guys have probably already covered this somewhere else, but I didn't find it. I just bought a 2005 Grizzly with a Warn winch. Everything is stock.

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Buy some dielectric grease and put it on all your electrical connections, front diff servo, spark plug and boot, every electrical connection you can get to. Just be very careful with some of the connections, they can break fairly easy! I did all mine under the front rack, diff servo, plug and boot, battery, fuses etc. Take your time and don't be afraid of using too much, just wipe up the excess when you put your connectors back together. Congrats on your new Grizz! Your going to love it.........Irv
Irv's advise is very good preventitive maintenance. I personally have never worried about it and have never had a problem.
If you are planning on going in stuff deeper than your tires it would be wise to take measures to seal your connections up. I guess I have gotten old enough that I try to avoid the real deep holes. I think I have turned into my dad, which isn't such a bad thing.
I'm not planning on burying it in the mud, but I've rode long enough to know it can happen. Thanks for the tips! This is a great forum because of fellas like you that are willing to give rookies advice. Thanks again.
I put mine through mud and water a lot and mostly up to and above the racks or deeper and don't do anything to the connections as they are marine grade and water proof. never had a problem with electrical brakedown or motor splutter. I don,t even worry about the spark plug. Get out and enjoy
Gnuts, don't let it stall when the warn winch is very wet, can make you have to disconect the winch, from the batery, before it will start!
I think i must be a wus.i will put my $7.000 plus up to the top of the wheeles. any deeper and out comes the tacoma.then we'll gnuts
Wus #2 chiming in.

Sorry "Mud" guys, but I agree with Bob. $7,000 plus, if it gets over the tires, then that's my red flag for the reverse.

I don't go out of my way to miss the mud in known areas, but in a unknown area I go VERY slow. Sometimes, I like to be #2 instead of #1.

I know some of you guys love the mud and getting upto the racks - and that's great. But not Wus #2.
gnutz,,,,, as long as I have been here Irv has given great advice,, but if starky ever trys to get you to drink some green shti,,,,, run,, from what I understand it is actually some kind of rubbing lotion from a distant country ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, cg
Thanks CG, I am glad to hear that I have been of some help on here! Thanks again and yes beware of Starky's potions!........Irv
I'm going to try and get pictures of the green fairy while I'm home. Of course that will probably have to be on the thread with no name.
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