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What Boots do you wear?

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I was wondering what type of boots do you guys wear? Right now, I am using an old pair of work boots but I want to get a new pair. I know there are ATV specific boots, but I don't know if they are the best thing.

I am really looking for a waterproof!!! This is a major need. Right now, I get cold wet feet halfway thru the ride.

The ATV boots I am not sure if they are really waterproof. My friend's aren't I dont think. He has a buckle type system and I think it lets water in sometimes. Also dont know how warm they are?

I was looking at a good pair of waterproof police duty boots that I could buy with my clothing allowance thru work - :) but I don't know if that would be best. Another pair I saw was at Cabelas, where they had good waterproof winter hunting boots. Cabela's does have ATV boots that they say are waterproof, but they look just like my friend's pair, so I'd like to know from someone who has them.

Let me know what you guys use.


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When riding in in wet , muddy coditions, I wear neoprene waders with oversize rubber boots. The boots will fill up with water but your feet still stay warm and dry. Any old boot will do that will fit over the waders. When the ride is over, the neoprenes come off and you are clean and dry underneath.
I use a pair of rubber knee high boots with felt liners in them. They are waterproof and very warm. I wear them all year round.

See allot of people wearing the waders even if they aren't into the mud that much, it keeps them dry and warm. Myself in the cold weather I wear my tall rubber insulated hunting boots and luckly have never had to go over the tops. In summer just a pair of old leather work boots that don't keep your feet dry anymore.
For on the Grizzly I just wear a pair of water proof hiking boots that have some insulation to them. Work great untill you get in some deep mud or water. Going to buy some water proof RedWings next I think. Going to give them a try.

I have a couple pair of AlpineStars that I love but not really the type of boot I think for trail ridding.
Hi Grizzly NJ,

It is hard to beat a pair of Oakley Standard Issue Assault Boots, they are very light weight, warm and fully waterproof. Take a look at
Hello All,

I was wondering the same question about the boots, I usually wear a pair of Full leather Asolo Hiking boots but I had taken a look at the Oakley's, and The Beast just might have made my decision for me. I am going to take a closer look at the Oakleys. Thanks for the info.
Redwing Waterproof, and insulated for the cold and snow. Summer time I just wear my Desert Issued Steel Toes they gave me in Saudi. The ones I'm wearing in this picture are my second pair, identical to the first pair I wore for about 6 years walking around the world, and I think I bought these back in the 90s. Tuff shoes and comfy for walking. Chuck

Hey those are some real nice looking boots. Might have to look into a pair of them instead of the Red Wings I was looking at. Love the night camo I think they called it. Look awesome!! :)
I wear my Rainforests by Danner. Rugged, Waterproof, and warm.
I wear sandals no matter what the season....Just kidding (obviously). Right now I've just been wearing a pair of Dunham Boots nothing fancy. I just ordered a pair or Sorel's from zappos.com For ice fishing etc. Those will serve as winter boots for me. But come spring, I'll most likley still just wear my normal ol' Dunham workboots. I own a pair of dirtbike boots, but they are way too uncomfortable to wear.

Thanks for the response. So it seems that no one really wears those "ATV ONLY" boots and pretty much go with a good winter boot, which sounds good to me. I'll let work pay for it! Those are the best.


i just got these today and i think they are perfect for riding.


check 'em out and tell me what you think.

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I just got a nice pair of REI brand Gore-Tex hiking boots. Very nice, and very comfy. Here in the West we don't have much in the way of mud, so high-cut boots aren't needed. The most we'll get into is maybe 12" of water in a stream early in the season after the snowmelt (if riding up in the mountains), but down here in the High Desert, starting in April-ish, it's dry and dusty all the time.

right now im wearing a pair of my dad's riding leather work boots, that are steel toes. but i need to buy a new pair of steel toes for when i get to the rigs this summer. than i'll prolly just use the steel toes i have now for riding. a couple of friends and i were talking bout boots for sledding and they think im nuts that im going to just wear the same steel toes i wear now. this is an interesting thread, because if i get a new pair of boots then i'll kinda know whats out there.
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