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What do you guys think is the best tire?

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I have an '05 Grizzly, and I'm wanting to buy some new tires. I like the looks of the ITP 589's, and I was talking to the service manager at the yamaha dealership here. He told me that the 589's make the grizzly's ride a lot bumpier. He said its like riding on logs. He told me that they sell a lot of the Mudlites. I was curious on what you guys think. Which do you prefer, the mudlites or the 589's? Do the 589's ride pretty bumpy like that?

Thanks for any info you give me!
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I had 589's on a Kodiak, although they are a great tire, they also ride like they are made from cast iron. Very hard ride and they do tend to "bump steer" and drift. I have the Mudlites now and they ride so much better it seems, but I have been contemplating getting the ITP ATR'S just for the plush ride capability that a radial tire gives. If you are looking for a comfy ride get a radial tire, and if you want somewhat of an agressive tire with a decent ride go with the Mudlites. If you want an agressive tire that lasts forever, go with the 589's.
blue grizz has pretty much nailed it.

My nephew has 589's on his Grizzly and I have Lites, we both go through the same mud but the Lites handle the trails, rocks, logs better. The Lites will ride much better and steer better. The 589's will outlast the Lites by a long shot but they are much heavier also.

Are you looking at staying with the 25" size? If so then consider the Big Horns, Mud Bugs, Mud Lite XL's, or the 589's because they all have deep lugs. If you go to 26" for an all around tire consider the Big Horns, Dirt Devils, Mud Hook Xxtremes, Mud Lites, or Mud Bugs.

Once you figure out what direction you want to go more opinions will be offered, but remember this any tire you put on will be far better than the stock tires. Rarely do I hear anyone really upset with their decision on what tire they purchased, they are all good.
Those new 25: Mud lite XL's are tempting. No need for a clutch kit. hmmmm

I'm very fond of my Maxxis Bighorn Radials.

How are the prices for the bighorns in comparison to others? I see from your website they don't have the whitewalls...the tires now look a bit more tempting as well. When i do run a new tire, I'd like somehting different.

Just by taking a guess I would say that the Bighorns are probably the most expensive then the xXtremes and Bugs next followed by dirt devils and finally the lites. For any of those 26" tires you probably really don't need a clutch kit but you will notice a difference with them on. What I found before adding the clutch kit I would run low range unless if I was running open space like fields, roads, or fast open trails.

The Mud Lites and Mud Hooks will probably wear the fastest out of all those tires. And if you are a general trail riding person those Bighorns are a very good tire.
The Bighorns are a little pricey but I think they're comparable to any of gthe other tires like the 589s or Blackwater XTs, etc.

I had Blackwater XTs before these and loved 'em. Both are great. In fact, I was gready to go back to the Blackwaters until I got my plow and saw just how freakin' awesome the Bighorns are in the snow.

How are the blackwater XT's? I remember when that was the tire of choice. I had a set of those on my Warrior and bought a similar tire (mudshark) for my 400ex when I had them. Do you have any pics of them on your bike?

Ok, how many hours did you guys get from your original tires? What are your major complaints about the Grizzly stock tires? So far, I'm satisfied with the stock stuff? I'm always scared of that first flat though. I use to live in Arizona, talking about centuries of cactus needles. Every time I rode my bike off the road it equaled a flat tire. Chuck
The Blackwater XTs were awesome tires. I loved how beefy they made the machine look. That's the one thing I don't like as much about the Bighorns... they just aren't as "big" looking. :)

I sold my stock tires with 200 miles on 'em and went to the XTs so I have no idea how well they'd last. I think most people get 1000-2000 miles out of 'em depending on the type of riding they do. If you're keeping 'em and live in AZ, I'd put Slime in them due to the cactus issues.

I just bought a 2005 too and decided to upgrade the wheels and tires first. I went with the Holeshot ATR's. Got out this weekend on them. They're great for my type of riding....mostly dry dirt and rocky trails. I ride around the Phoenix, AZ area. Two things I noticed right off. They are wider so I felt more stable plus it's easier to break the rear wheel loose.

I just bought some super swamper Vampire AST's two weeks ago and I love them. They do reduce power some but I have put my machine where others wouldn't dare and the tires are awesome!
what about the gbc gators in the 26"? what are they like?
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