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look at some of these sites. i uesed 2x12 8' boards they didn't last long.


myself i now use this one ATV Heavy-Duty Trifold Loading Ramp Item: IF-521190
Price: $129.99 from cabelas

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I use 7 footers which are arched near the top, they really take some of the steepness out! I also have a short box Z-71 and i really like them. They are a galvanized set of 2 (2 seperate single ramps) and they fold in half.They came with 2 tie downs that i hook to the bumper and then to the ramp. I can slip one under the quad folded up and the other i have to put beside the quad and i tie it off with a bungie cord. They were $159.00 up here in Canada at TSC..Irv
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