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I stole this off of another forum and felt it was worth posting around...


The Blue Ribbon Coalition


By participating in the political process as a national voice, the BlueRibbon Coalition is able to advance opportunities for motorized recreation and true multiple use.

BlueRibbon Coalition has proven its ability time and time again to mobilize its membership. We can develop broad-based opposition to legislative threats and build support for progressive legislation aimed at improving access opportunities for all.

Working with federal land administrators and public land managers, BlueRibbon promotes fair use policies and true multiple use philosophies, which have proven their effectiveness in preventing problems, such as user conflict and solving specific problems when they do occur.


The BlueRibbon Coalition recognizes that there are many diverse uses of our public lands and many different ways to gain access to lands supporting these uses. No user group should be entitled to exclusive use of these public resources. Unfortunately, some advocacy organizations, through a selfish desire to "have it all to themselves" or as part of a larger agenda to unrealistically eliminate humanity from the ecological equation, are unwilling to share public lands. BlueRibbon allows 4 wheel drive enthusiasts, snowmobilers, ATVers, equestrians, mountain bikers and other groups who have felt the wrath of these anti-access forces to fight back. We wage this battle before land management agencies, legislators, courts and the public.

Those who treasure public land recreational opportunities can no longer be passive. No matter how or why you access public lands there is likely some organization dedicated to restricting or eliminating your activity. Through BlueRibbon, we can all join the fight to "preserve our natural resources FOR the public instead of FROM the public."


• The BlueRibbon Coalition (BRC), along with the State of Idaho, the Kootenai Indian Tribe, and other interests, filed suit against the Clinton era Roadless Rule. While our lawsuit is still pending, the rule has been permanently enjoined by a parallel lawsuit in another jurisdiction.

• Together with snowmobile manufacturers and other snowmobile interests, BlueRibbon successfully challenged a Clinton era snowmobile ban in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. A new plan was the result, and that plan continues to allow snowmobiles in the parks.

• BRC organized a coalition of recreationists and commercial interests and successfully filed a lawsuit to re-open Lake Powell to Personal Watercraft for the 2003 season. The BlueRibbon Coalition, the Utah Shared Access Alliance, and the American Watercraft Association joined with local businesses (Lake Powell Water World and Doo-Powell) and successfully challenged a total closure of Powell for the 2003 season that was pending due to a previous lawsuit by the Bluewater Network.

• BRC organized a coalition of California Dual Sport enthusiasts to successfully challenge a recent change in DMV policy that banned conversions of off highway motorcycles to street legal status. California DMV has suspended a July 23rd memo banning the popular conversions and will continue to allow the conversion process through January 31, 2004.

• BRC is acknowledged by major media as a credible, national source of information on recreation issues. The BlueRibbon Coalition has been quoted or referenced in prominent newspapers and on network affiliate TV stations, and is the only national recreation organization invited to present access views to the Society of Environmental Journalists and the Outdoors Writers Association of America annual conventions.

• Through court actions, BRC repelled the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance's efforts to close portions of Utah deserts to OHV use. We successfully moved to dismiss their claims raised in motions for injunction, keeping areas like Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Factory Butte and the San Rafael Swell open to OHV access.

• Worked with other groups and the Carson City, Nevada Bureau of Land Management office to prevent a proposed closure of 1,000 acres at Sand Mountain, Nevada, this past Labor Day weekend.

• BRC is working on a new Congressional land designation as an alternative to Wilderness. “Back Country” designation better protects the environment, is more inclusive and diverse in recreation opportunities, and provides for the huge growth in non-Wilderness recreation demand.

• As scandals like the lynx hoax involving the application of the Endangered Species Act emerge, BRC is promoting ESA reform and stressing the importance of sound science as the foundation of public lands management.


• RECREATIONAL TRAILS PROGRAM: Reauthorized in 1998 at increased funding levels, this program is "the" most significant national legislative accomplishment for the Off-Highway-Recreation community. BRC is networking with recreationists and land managers nationwide to ensure that this program is implemented fairly and efficiently.

• PROTECT RECREATION ACCESS: Multi-million dollar anti-recreation-access organizations threaten the future of Off-Highway Recreation. BRC must continue to combine the strength of ALL off-highway recreationists to address these threats and protect recreation access for all.

• BLUERIBBON LEGAL ACTION FUND: "Speak softly and carry a big stick." We make full use of the administrative and political process in tackling land use issues. Some land managers make decisions based on legal threats by recreation access opponents. Our Legal Action Fund has enabled us to counter those threats. We must use it carefully and efficiently.
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