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Wheel Spacers

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Hey, we all know that uneasy grizzly feeling when cornering sharply on the Griz!!

Well a simple set of Wheel spacers on ALL 4 wheels makes ALL the difference!!
MB (same spacers as used on the Suzuki LTZ 250 and 400)

Here is a link to a local (South Africa) site with the pics!!

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Wheel spacers or aftermarket wheels will make all the difference. My choice was to stay with the stock wheels and use 1" wheel spacers on all four wheels. That along with the wider tires made a world of difference, allot of my riding is traversing hillsides and this set up works fine.
I have the c-Series wheels and LOVE THEM!!! they give just enough offset for an absolute sure-footedness like never felt before. Not to mention make the bike look very good!!

If you get just the spacers be very careful as this shortens the length of the bolts IMHO makes the bike more likely to loose a wheel or have something break under torquey situations...

To each their own, but I would either get the rims or leave it stock...I am not a fan of spacers or of lift kits...it creates the possiblity for problems later. I am not saying that spacers cant be used with no problems...just that they have a higher chance of problems...
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