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Where can I buy a dial-a-jet?

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I'm internet window shopping and I can't find an onlinestore that carries them.
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Koko, try...
or try highlifter. (I just did a google search for it)
My google must be broken. LOL all I kept getting was tech sstuff. I try to avoid highlifter. There prices are always high. Thanks beast. Just to let you know I'm saving my pennies for a quad trip in South Africa ;)
Try this one.
But can you buy it from there site starky? I was on there and never found the "add it to your cart" button. Lately ISATI (i suck at the internet) LOL
I was just reading about the dial-a-jet in a Dirt Wheels mag. I'm sure it has an address listed with it, I'll look it up.
I just read onthe dial a jet website, all you have to do is call them and order over the phone. I think I'll do that today!
I spent about 2 hours looking through my magazines for that product review and couldn't find it. It was a good write-up too. Depending on how the Griz runs in the snow and cold with the tracks I may be ordering one too.
i gave you all a link in the other thread we were discussing about it
Ya but who pays attention to Hoo.
Doolin, you'll have to give us a product reveiw after the install.



How about that reveiw?

i get no respect,,,no respect,,,lol
LOL, ordered yesterday. Along with a pro-design and filter. Which I belive was ordered from one of Hoo's links www.gopartsdirect.com See I listen. I'm not sure if I'll install all this right away. Once I get all the new hopups in I'll take pictures and post them up. Once I get it all intalled I most definately will give a review for everyone.
Before you start your installations do a test run with the stock Griz. 300 feet is usually the standard. Then see how each new gizmo effects your time.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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