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Where we ride in Spain Europe

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Hi all, here is a good pick of our riding area here in Spain with the Mediterranean sea in background. This was taken at 1000m above sea level on this afternoons ride, we started at the beach and ended up here! Good trail and rock riding in this part of Spain. Fortunately we can use our ATV on the roads so we ride right from our homes! Also you can ride mostly wherever you can find a trail as lonk as you respect the enviroment. Unfortunately the ignorant green brigade are trying hard to curb our right to ride, but at moment no big problems.
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I'm moving to Spain!!! I'd love to see more photos.

I will post more pics when I have time. Which part of Spain are you moving too?

Sorry, I'm not actually moving to Spain. I was saying that sarcastically because I was jealous. But I'd still love more pics when you have a chance.

Hi All, here are a few more pics from where we ride in Spain
Here is my riding partner Stuart
Part of todays ride in river bed, most of the year this is completely dry so it is great fun when we have some water
Getting wet!
Let's get out of here!
More wet fun
Love the pics. Looks like a great place to ride at!!
Hey Grizzlyspain,

Great photo's, looks like a really nice place to ride!!
Hi Beast,

I have seen many of your posts and like where you ride too! Not too sure about the heat though! Do you have problems in South Africa about where you can ride or can you pretty much go where u like? Do you know of any organised ATV holidays in your area (I would really like to ride there)?
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