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Which tire?

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I just bought a Grizzly 660 and I'm enjoying the heck out of it. I do need some new tires but I'd prefer not to get too radical. What size and type of tire can I go to without any modifications and without a lot of stress on my grizzly's drive train?
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What kind of terrian do you ride in the most?
About half the time on solid terrain and the other half in mud. Really just using it to hunt off of. We thought about hitting some of the ATV trails in the national forest here in N. Florida.
I would suggest ITP Holeshot ATRs. They're fairly lightweight yet durable, they're close to the stock diameter, and shouldn't require a clutch kit.

Thanks for the input. What size can I get to w/o a clutch kit?
Thats funny that was the same ones I was going to suggest.lol You just beat me to it. For tire size they used to only have them in the 25 series size, but know they do offer them in the 26" size also. I woud think even if you went with the 26" tires you would not need a clutch kit but maybe Rob can help confirm me on that one. Anyway you go you should like them. Are you doing new rims also?
Hey, Thanks for the input, what about it Rob, Do I need a clutch kit for 26 in. tires??
26" Mudlites with a Dalton Clutch kit! Everybody's doing it.
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