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Which tires do you prefer?

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In the interest of stimulating conversation... those of you who have changed tires, what are you using?

I had a set of Blackwater XTs (27") for the last year and a half, but they've worn out and I just got a set of Bighorn Radials. I haven't ridden yet to compare, but they sure do look wimpy by comparison!

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I'am currently running Titan 489xt (25"). They perform well in everything but deep muud.These tires are about shot...think i'll try the dirt devils in a 26"for my next set.
I'm happy with my ITR Holeshots ATRs. They are wider then the stock wheels, as it now fits into the trailer with more difficulty. Running about 8 psi in them and the ride is comfortable.
Wow, 8 psi?? Try dropping 'em down to 5-6 psi and see how it does. I found 8 psi t be extremely harsh.

I am running a set of 28" DirtDevils I really like this tire it seems to me to be a good all round tire. I think if I was to order another set I would go to a 26"or 27" as I notice just a very little rubbing on the rear inside well,but maybe I shouldn't be grabbing air at my age and size.
I am running the ITP Mudlites (27x10x12) front and (27x12x12) rear. I really like them because they are light (27lbs each) as compared to some of the other tires out there and they are still 6 ply. Thye have a good tread pattern and ride very well both on hard and soft surface. Larger tires will reduce overall power some so I would recommend adding a pipe and re-jetting the carb. What a difference. There are very few holes that I can't get through now.
I'm running 25-8-12 and 25-10-12's on ITP delta wheels. I still switch back and forth with the stock tires if I go to the dunes. I rode with the 589's once in the sand and never will again!!! But for back home in the woods the 589's do very well, almost to well. The only real drawbacks that I can find are that being 6 ply they are much stiffer than the stock tires. So this makes them alot rougher and alot of times more difficult to crawl over logs and such when the stock tires have alot more flex and conform more to the logs getting more traction. The other area I don't like is they tear up everything you drive over. I guess thats the idea though with those big lugs but be careful riding around the yard!

Later, Dave
I just got a 2000 big bear 400 4x4 and it needs tires. Before I order them I would like to get some of you opinions on what to get...I ride a polaris predator mostly and have never had a quad like this before.
it will be used for just anout everything, mostly for the wife to mess with, and for me to plow a little on the winter. I think the stock tires look small and would also like to go bigger if possible, and would like to hear from all of you and what to get? If it was my predator it would be no problem, but the big bear has me stumped.

Also I need every plastic piece on the quad, it was rolled before I got it and every piece got mashed. Any one know a good place to look for parts? or tires?

This would be better placed in a separate topic, but I'll go ahead and respond here...

First question... does your Big Bear have the same size wheels all the way around? The Yamaha website says that the current one does... 12's. If so, you have plenty of choices in tires.

I don't recommend going too big in tire size. Since you have a 5sp, you don't have the ability to change out clutch weights to effectively re-gear like you can on the belt-drive machines such as the Grizzly and Kodiak. I would suggest no bigger than 26".

Also since you have a 400cc motor, I'm thinking lightweight tires. I'm thinking the ITP Holeshot ATRs are the way to go. They're lightweight but durable, and have really good traction in dirt and even in snow for plowing. They're okay mud tires, just don't go diving into big holes.

Thanks Rob,
stock are 25x10x12 And 25x8x12 So If I Order 26 I should be ok?I don't want huge tires, just something that looks a little better than stock. My wife will mostly be riding it and she has never riden before., she will be just learning to ride and I will use it around the house for lite plowing.
I'm glad you made this place! I'm on predatorowners.com also I'm RPM9001 over there. Hope this one does as good as the pred Thanks again!
26's will be fine, but I think you'll do better with a radial tire, like the Holeshot ATRs. They measure out a little bigger than 25" and will look VERY beefy on your Big Bear. They also handle really well and don't weigh that much.

I'm using 27" 589's on C-series, set at 5 psi. I think 4 psi would work even better. 8 psi? No way...too skittish...been there.
The only drawback to this tire from my point of view, is they are directional. They don't back-up well. There always seems to be a trade-off, no matter what tire it is.
Has anyone tried gators? I'm getting a new set of meats (26") in the next couple of weeks. I'm stuck between gators and mudlites. I ride a 50/50 mix of trails/mud, (alot of creek riding, mud and rock bottom) I do not use my grizz for any duty (farm work etc.) just recreational. I know the mudlites weigh less and are a trail tire, which I like, but how do they stack up in the mud? I had 26" 589's on a rincon and didn't like the weight or trail performance. Thanx for any advice...Clint.
I have 27" 589's. I like them alot, heavy though. Trails where I ride are muddy, rocky, and alot of tree roots. I only can compare them to the stock tires and my fathers rawhides, which I think the 589's are better. take a little getting used to, they grab and throw you a little when they search/find traction. great in the mud. I would think the mudlites might be better with the weight difference.
Well I guess everybody will at one time or another will find out what works best for them on the type of terrain they will be riding on or in.Somepeople might not know that some of the these over aggersive mud tires can shine in two different areas at the same time.In mud you use them in their directional thread pattern.But would you use these same tires out in a sandy dune type area? Answer is yes you could.You do not have to have two set`s of tires for the diffrent terrains.Take the dirctional mud tires and rotate them from one side to the other.Front and back.
The reverse thread pattern will pack sand under the tire instead of digging it out like it would do in mud.A lot of 6wheeler people down here in the South will take the two back axle tires and run reverse thread so the amphid will paddle better when they are floating in water crossings.The front tires will be directional so when they make contact with land it will dig in and get the 6 wheeler coming up and out of the water on the embankment.
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Ok, so who is familiar with kenda bear claws? I rarely see anything on them. In fact, I've searched the net just trying to find a weight chart for them... no luck! Has anyone ran them? They look pretty mean and there is a set for sale I was considering. Are they heavy? How are they in the goo? Thanx.
Check these tires out!

Go to the Super Swampers web page and look at atv tires.They are making a fully aysumetrical tire in the vampires that look like they will do the job.Only thing is they only offer them in 26 inch sizes.This company makes some of the baddest tires for full size 4-wheel drive vehicles that are all so D.O.T approved for the black top.These side wall biting lugs should help in the baddest rudded up roads and could also be a big help in rocky terrain.I have not seen a price on them yet?
Gators give a bumpy ride on hardpack which is fairly uncomforyable but do well in the mud. Kenda Bear Claws are smooth as silk on the trail with very good mud traction. They don't dig as hard as the Gators but come close. I speak with personal experience. I have Mud Lites now and haven't had them out to really test them. Everyone speaks highly of them though.
I have been running Mud Lites for over a year now and have no complaints about them. I started with, and still have, a set of 25" but then also purchased a set of 26" that I have been using for several months now. For air pressure I run about 4.5 lbs. For people that ride allot of sharp rocks these do not hold up as well as other tires do, that is the only downfall I have seen so far.

Another good tire that works in all terrain and is more durable in the sharp rocks but still weighs practically the same as Mud Lites is the Maxxis Mud Bug. I would not hesitate to buy and use that tire either.
I now have just a tick over 60 miles on my 26" 'lites and just love 'em! The fast wearing charictaristics you may hear about are very true... as with mine which are almost brand new, the biteing edge, or, front of each lug is really showing alot of signs of wear. I hardly ever ride pavement (maybe a mile or two total) and run 2.5 psi. I do alot of rock crawling, streams, mud, some hard pack trails (so far so good in every aspect). Once they are gone, it will be really hard for me to go with a different set, as the 'lites are an incredible tire. I would recommend them to anyone. later!
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