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Winch Ramsey v. Warn

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I have been looking a the #3000 Ramsey w/ remote. I like the idea of a wireless remote. The prices are about the same and really isnt' a issue with me. I have Warns on my other wheelers and have had no problems. Is the remote worth having? How do you keep from losing it?
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Most of the times when you are winching you are on the machine giving a little assistance with the throttle while winching out. The Ramsey comes with a little toggle switch along with the wireless remote. So far I have used the remote just to take up slack except for just recently. While trying to get up over this steep hill, while we had a foot of snow on the ground, I just made it up over the hump and ended up spinning out on the frozen ground under the snow. I was alone and it was to steep for me to back down so as I held the machine on the hill with the winch cable in my hands I let out enough slack with the remote to get me to a tree. So I don't loose it I attached it to a belt clip and keep it attached to my key, when I ride I attach it to my belt loop and tuck it in my pocket.
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